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25 Tricks That Remove Stress Very Fast

Remove Stress

Stress: 8 out of 10 peoples suffer anxiety, and some experts speak of it as the 21st century’s disease. With these tips, you will reduce it almost immediately.

1. A Mindfulness Breakfast

Mindfulness, or mindfulness, calms you by making your mind not scatter and focus on the here and now. Practice it at breakfast, and you will fight stress from first thing in the morning: prepare your coffee with milk and toast or a bowl of oatmeal or whatever you usually eat for breakfast and forget about your mobile phone, TV, or radio. Just watch, smell, chew, and savor every bite.

2. Hug and Hug

The hug is not only a sign of affection; it can also be a natural medicine to combat stress. By having this gesture with someone, your body will increase the production of dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin, substances closely related to the feeling of well-being, and capable of reducing your stress levels.

Hug and Hug

3. Call Mom

A mother’s hug can help you a lot in case of maximum stress, but if you can’t escape seeing your mother, call her. According to American research, the mother’s voice has the same positive effects on your body as physical contact and helps lower cortisol levels, the “stress hormone.”

4. Smile, and Life Will Smile at You

Even if you don’t get nervous at that moment, try to put a smile on your face. With it, you will be able to reduce your body’s response to that overwhelming situation in which you are involved.

Different medical studies point out that, every time you smile, your brain secretes beta-endorphins and reduces cortisol levels by up to 39%, and adrenaline by 70%.

5. Don’t Talk About How Stressed You Are

If you continuously repeat yourself that you are overwhelmed, that feeling will increase. “Vocabulary makes us focus our attention on signs that may indicate stress.” Explains psychologist Bertrand Reader. Even if you do not make it taboo or want to ignore it, you will cause more stress.

6. Have Clear Goals

Uncertainty is very stressful, as it makes it difficult to make clear decisions and prioritize what is important to you. Gemma Figueras, clinical psychologist and sexologist at the Institut Barcelona de Psicologia, affirms that “the objectives help you to set a course and feel as if you are the owner of your own life.”

But you can’t always have everything under control, so you have to accept a certain amount of uncertainty.

7. Train the Military

Sport is one of the sufficient weapons against stress out there. Help your body and mind to release accumulated tensions. And it seems that it is even more effective if it is blown with the whistle.

That is why boot camp or military training can come in handy. Specialists recommend combining it with yoga or Pilates.

Train the Military

8. The Shoes Out!

The feet, like the hands of the tongue, have a large number of nerve endings. Hence, compressing them in shoes builds up stress. Take them off when you get home and change them into non-slip socks. As soon as you can, walk barefoot on the beach or the grass.

9. Helping Helps You

According to a study issued in the International Journal of Psychophysiology, taking part in charity or NGO activities improves self-esteem and reduces blood pressure, stress levels, or depression. They are helping causes the body to secrete a wellness hormone.

10. Ally Yourself With Your Perfume

Mango, citrus, lavender, or cinnamon fragrances can modify your blood’s composition and reduce your feeling of overwhelming. The key is in linalool, a substance that you can find in more than 200 plants, according to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

11. Breathe With Your Diaphragm

Sit in a chair so that your body and legs are at right angles. In this pose, try to breathe in deeply through your nose and hold the air in your belly for a few seconds. Then live out long, emptying the anguish along with the air.

12. A While With Friends

As busy as you are, find a space to meet your friends once a week. Please take advantage of the meeting to tell them everything that distresses you. But it’s not just about talking; doing things together also creates well-being and helps ward off stress.

meet your friends

13. Chew Celery, Not Gum

Chewing is an excellent way to break free and de-stress. You can choose a gum, but without a doubt, the most useful thing is to do it with celery. It is low in calories and also contains apigenin, a substance with a relaxing effect. You can also choose to boil it in a broth or add it to your salad.

14. Take a Nap

If you’re short of sleep, taking a nap can help calm your nerves. A work published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine recommends taking a rest after a 45-minute meal. They ensure that with it, you will lower blood pressure.

15. If You Smoke, Think About Quitting

In intense situations, it is common to use tobacco to calm down. However, it has the opposite effect on your body. According to work by University College London, cigarettes increase anxiety and depression by up to 70%.

16. Make love and relax

Shake off the tiredness and unleash the passion. According to a study from Princeton University (USA), frequent sex helps reduce cortisol levels, the “stress hormone.”

17. Play a Video Game

It will help you slow down. According to a study published in the Journal of Cybertherapy and Rehabilitation, this activity improves mood, promotes mental relaxation, and reduces heart rate. Don’t be shy and hit the Candy Crush.

Play a Video Game

18. Cry and Unburden Yourself

It can be very beneficial for your health. With crying, you release substances with an analgesic effect that reduces both physical and psychological pain. Hence, when you finish crying, you have that feeling of well-being and relaxation.

It is a natural painkiller that helps you eliminate accumulated tensions. That “post-crying” moment of peace can help you make decisions from your most rational side.

19. Keep a Journal

“Writing will help you vent and empty your mind of worries. That is already therapeutic in itself,” explains psychologist Gemma Figueras. And putting your feelings on paper can make you see them from another perspective.

20. Give Yourself an Ear Massage

There is a point in the upper third of the ear, known in Chinese medicine as Heaven’s Gate, that when pressed and massaged with your fingers or a cotton swab, it helps to quickly relax the mind and relieve headaches that can accompany stress.

21. Paint Mandalas

Painting mandalas not only requires excellent concentration that will help you disconnect from what is weighing you down, but it can also serve to express how you feel through the chromatic varieties that you choose.

If you prefer to draw, this is also an excellent anti-stress activity. With just 45 minutes, you can dramatically reduce your cortisol levels.

22. Sing Without Shame

Put your favorite song on Spotify and bring out the singer in you. Singing at the top of your lungs and indulging in music’s emotion will help you release the negative feelings you accumulate.

23. Dance Like Crazy

Another right way to get your nerves out. And you don’t have to go to a disco or classes. You can dance like a posse in your living room and stay very relaxed after a few good wiggles.

Dance Like Crazy

24. Light Up in Blue

If your nerves prevent you from falling asleep, expose yourself to blue light. According to an American study, this small gesture will help you rest and cope better with stress, perform more, become less depressed, and reduce traffic accidents. It’s worth a try.

25. Do What You Want

Reserve moments in your schedule just for yourself. And it’s not about visits to the doctor or the hairdresser, but about free time to do what you want without being accountable to anyone, as if all you want is to spend a while in Babia.

Stress is a common evil, and we have become used to living with it. The trouble is that when it becomes chronic, the mind and body can be positively affected since our stressed body releases substances that seriously harm health. We already told you 12 surprising symptoms with which your body may be warning you that you are stressed.

The reality is that stress is difficult to avoid, so it is essential to learn to stop it with useful techniques that adapt to our tastes. That’s why, in the gallery above, we propose 25 tricks, backed by science, that fight stress quickly.

26. How to Combat Stress? Some Keys to Achieve It

Mindfulness or Mindfulness

Breakfast is an excellent time to apply the techniques of the here and now. Focus on what you are eating, and you will see how it calms you to keep your mind from wandering. You can also like a relaxing walk by noticing everything around you and trying to see things that you don’t usually see.

Habits That Relax You

Paint mandalas, listen to a song, play a video game, or take a nap. There are many options to help you get off the stress carousel and disconnect for a few minutes.

Relax You

Spread Love

Hug someone you love, call your mother, meet your friends, and laugh or make love. Everything is necessary to disconnect, generate positive emotions, and relax.

Take advantage of the meetings to explain everything that distresses you. But it is not just about talking; doing things with other people also produces well-being and helps to drive away stress.

Burning Energy

Sport is one of the best weapons against stress there is. Help your body and mind to release accumulated tensions. You can also dance to your favorite song or sing your heart out. The point is to remove all the stress that you carry inside.

Natural Remedies

There are certain fragrances, such as lavender or lemon, that reduce the feeling of overwhelming. Another natural option is to massage a point in the upper third of the ear, known in Chinese medicine as the Gate of Heaven. Pressing it relaxes the mind and relieves the headache that can accompany stress.

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