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Hair Bows and Ribbons Are Trending. Here’s How to Pull Off the Look

Hair Bows and Ribbons Are Trending. Here’s How to Pull Off the Look

Hair accessories have made a resounding comeback, and hair bows and ribbons have captured the limelight in recent years. Once considered relics of the past, these charming adornments have experienced a modern resurgence, proving that some looks are timeless. They make a bold fashion statement and infuse your hairstyle with a touch of whimsy and elegance that’s hard to ignore.

If you’re thinking about adding bows and ribbons to your hair accessory wardrobe but aren’t sure how to wear them, you’re in the right place! Keep reading to discover how to pull off the look with the help of salon hairspray and other styling tools.

1. The Evolution of Hair Bows and Ribbons

To fully appreciate the current trend, let’s explore the rich history behind these delightful hair accessories. Hair bows and ribbons have graced the tresses of individuals for centuries, evolving through the ages to reflect the spirit of their time.

From the intricate, elaborate styles of the Renaissance to the opulent and extravagant flair of the Victorian era, these accessories have always symbolized refinement and offered a canvas for personal expression.

2. Types of Bows and Ribbons

The world of hair bows and ribbons is incredibly diverse. These accessories come in an endless array of shapes, sizes and materials. You can find classic silk ribbons for a timeless look, or embrace the plush elegance of modern velvet bows. The choices are as varied as your unique style. Selecting the right type is pivotal in defining the overall impact of your look.

3. Complement Your Style

The art of coordinating your hair bows and ribbons with your outfit is an understated but essential aspect of this trend. These accessories can accentuate your attire, adding a vibrant pop of color or a touch of elegance that harmonizes your ensemble. From casual outings to formal events, you can adapt them to various occasions, ensuring your style always remains on point.

4. Dress Up Short Hair with Bows

Don’t let short hair hold you back from embracing this trend. There are many bows and ribbons that are perfect for shorter locks. These accessories can introduce a playful or sophisticated element to your hairstyle, highlighting your features. Opt for smaller bows and ribbons if you have short hair to ensure they don’t overwhelm your style.

Experiment with bow placement to discover how they best frame your face and enhance your personal style. With the help of professional hair styling products, your bows will stay in place all day — no matter how short your hair is.

Dress Up Short Hair with Bows

Source: ESB Professional/

5. Create Casual Everyday Looks

The versatility of hair bows and ribbons makes them suitable for many occasions. Whether you’re getting ready for a casual day of running errands or preparing for a night out, you can enhance your look with bows and ribbons. Experiment with various sizes, colors and styles and explore the art of adapting these accessories to different settings and ensuring your style stays effortlessly chic and in sync with your daily life.

6. Add Ribbons to Braids

Braided hairstyles and ribbons share a harmonious connection. Weaving ribbons into your braids creates a mesmerizing and whimsical look that’s bound to turn heads and spark conversations. This technique combines the intricacy of braids with the elegance of ribbons, showcasing your creative and fashion-forward flair.

7. Tie Scarves into Your Hair

Think of hair scarves like large, wide ribbons. They’re perfect for adding a bohemian touch to your look, and there is no denying that they’re quite enchanting. Learn the art of tying scarves into your hair to achieve an effortlessly chic, free-spirited Boho style that embodies your unique personality. The possibilities are endless — from turban-inspired wraps to loose and flowy styles that perfectly capture the bohemian spirit.

8. Create Volume with Hair Bows

Hair bows are versatile accessories that serve a purpose beyond mere aesthetics. They can be your secret weapon for achieving added volume and height in your hairstyle. When you’re longing for a sky-high hairdo, consider teasing your hair to create the desired volume, and then strategically incorporate a well-placed bow to enhance your overall look. This clever technique not only imparts a touch of charm but also enables you to craft a striking and dynamic appearance that effortlessly distinguishes you from the crowd.

9. Upgrade Your Messy Bun

Adding a ribbon to a messy bun adds a playful and relaxed touch to your hairstyle. It’s ideal for a casual, carefree look and perfect for those days when you want to appear effortlessly chic. Twist your hair into a messy bun, and secure it with an elastic band. Once the bun is in place, tie a ribbon around the elastic band to secure it firmly. To complete the look, leave a few strands of hair loose, delicately framing your face for a soft and romantic appearance.

10. Blend Flowers and Bows or Ribbons

Blend Flowers and Bows or Ribbons

Source: Redumbrella Europe/

If you want a truly romantic look, create an enchanting style by pairing flowers and delicate bows. Explore the art of harmoniously pairing these two elements to create a natural and romantic style that will captivate hearts and turn heads for all the right reasons. The combination of bows and flowers adds a touch of whimsy and a hint of nature to your look, making it perfect for various occasions — from weddings to garden parties.

11. Closing Thoughts

The resurgence of hair bows and ribbons speaks to the timeless appeal of these accessories. Whether you prefer a classic or a contemporary look, an ideal hair bow or ribbon is waiting to enhance your style. By embracing this trend, you can make a powerful statement with your locks and share your unique personality and style with the world.

It’s time to wear your fashion on your head and celebrate your distinct beauty. Start experimenting with bows and ribbons today to discover new and exciting ways to incorporate these delightful accessories into your daily life and special moments.

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