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10 Mistakes We Make When Washing Hair And The Solutions

Washing Hair: If you want to show off your perfect mane, start by washing your hair GOOD! We tell you how to do it because it is easier than you think.

Is your hair not growing as fast as you would like? Would you like to add an extra shine to it? Do you want to show off an enviable mane? Yes, it is also one of my beautiful dreams.

I once told my hairdresser, and she asked, “But are you sure you wash your hair well? “Sure, I said yes, because I thought washing was reduced to applying shampoo and conditioner, but no. I was VERY wrong, and there are several things to consider if we want to get the most out of our hair.

If you want your hair to look more beautiful and shiny, take a look at this gallery because we have spoken with several experts who have explained the most common mistakes made under the shower and that prevent our hair from looking as good as it should. Shall we start?

1. Choose a by-product That Does Not Suit Your Hair

You must know your hair type before choosing a shampoo, mask, conditioner, serum. For example, if you have fine hair, you should avoid shampoos that add weight and weigh down your hair. Do you have oily hair? Then it would help if you opted for a that regulates excess sebum.

avoid shampoos

Before reading on, discover which is the best shampoo for your hair type, learn to differentiate them, and choose well. A product for curly hair will not be the same as for a straight hair; Nor if you have dry, damaged, oily, long, short hair

2. Wash the Hair More -or Less- Than is Desirable

Keep in mind that very oily hair can be washed without a problem every day, while dry hair can wait two or three days. “If we are patient and don’t wash our hair daily, we can get used to a scalp that produces a lot of oil to produce less.

In these cases, leaving an extra day can come in handy. We will not have to stand by any longer since an excess of fat can affect the hair in practically the same way that the extreme abundance of humidity does.” Do you dare to “train” your hair to be less greasy?

3. Detangle Hair After Using Conditioner

Error! “It is finer to brush the hair before washing it; this way, it is less damaged. It is also common to start combing the hair at the root area, and it is a mistake.

You have to start with the means and the ends and gradually work your way up to avoid breakage”, clarifies Eduardo Sanchez, Director of Maison Eduardo Sanchez.

4. Use a Lot of Product When Washing Hair

Adolfo Martinez, creator of Nuggela & Sule (yes, the famous brand that has created the best onion shampoos ) also recommends brushing the hair before washing to detangle it and also recommends that we “moisten the hair with plenty of warm water before applying the shampoo.

Do not overdo the amount of shampoo: it is better to work the exact amount well, “he explains. Sometimes we make the fault of thinking that if we use more masks, for example, we will have softer hair, but no.

5. Apply the Shampoo Directly to the Hair

“Do not apply the shampoo directly to the hair, let a small amount fall on the palm, rub until it emulsifies and apply it on the scalp,” says Adolfo Martinez. “Work the shampoo on the root, massaging the product for at least three minutes.

Apply the Shampoo - Washing Hair

In this way, blood circulation is activated, which improves the nutrition of the epithelial sheath. Repeat the application twice: the first as a cleansing gesture and the second as a massage. Let the rest of the hair wash with the foam that falls through the middle and ends, without adding more shampoo, “he adds.

6. Wash Your Hair With Hot Water

Adolfo Martinez recommends rinsing the hair with plenty of warm water and finishing with cold water for extra shine. Bear in mind that boiling water damages the hair cuticle.

7. Rub the Hair With the Towel

Yes, indeed, you have read it a thousand times, but this gesture can weaken the hair’s health. “When rubbing, precisely because what is in contact with the hair in the towel and not our direct hand, we tend to resort to excessive force that, on many occasions, can even pull or split hair.”

What should we do? Muffle the hair in a towel so that it absorbs the excess moisture little by little.

8. Use Heat Tools Every Day When Washing Hair

“We should try not to use dryers, tweezers, irons, etc. daily and, if it cannot be avoided, always apply with a thermal protector “, they tell us from the Ananda Ferdi Beauty Salon and highlight the importance of brushing.

“A well-done brushing stimulates circulation in the scalp; this always favours oxygenation of the very beneficial tissues for the hair.”

Heat Tools - Washing Hair

9. Go Out With Wet Hair When Washing Hair

“Hair exposed to low temperatures absorbs moisture, causing the hair fibres to break,” the experts at Caroli Health Club tell us. And watch out for the wind! “The wind tangles the hair and fills it with knots.

To avoid this, you can collect it in a ponytail,” they add. Okay, now we do not leave the house, but we must take this error into account when the confinement ends.

10. Do Not Exfoliate the Hair

Not only do we exfoliate the face and body, but the scalp needs it too. “Only one hair exfoliation a week will help us remove dead cells, excess sebum, dandruff, or product residues that can suffocate the hair follicle.

Apply the hair scrub and massage on damp hair, then rinse it thoroughly water, wash the hair and apply conditioner from medium to ends “, recommends Alex Sestelo, director of the Alex Sestelo salon.

The Mask Trick

We’ll end this bug gallery with a super trick that you can start practising today. “If the mask is extended 20 minutes before applying the shampoo and it is rinsed well, its results are enhanced, and it leaves the hair shinier.” Word of Caroline Greyl, director of Leonor Greyl.

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