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Travel Toiletry Bag: What To Bring And The Best Organizers

Toiletry Bag

If you want to optimize the space of your luggage, you need to organize yourself well to carry the essentials. These are our tips to get them.

Do you go on holiday? We help you organize the essentials for your toiletry bag. And is that one thing that, a priori, can be so pure requires a defined strategy and planning to be a success and do not miss anything.

How to get it? Making a good list of what you need adjusting to the type of trip you are going to do and having a good toiletry bag, or even a toiletry organizer, accessories, small bottles … it’s all made up! Come in and take a look …

1. list of essentials for your travel bag


Once you have the toiletry bag ready, get the suitcase! Do not miss this video in which we show you how to make the perfect suitcase.

And now, we start with the most useful (and pretty) selection of organizers for this summer.

2. Toiletry bag with travel-size boats

This type of toiletry bag with travel-size small bottles have become a ‘must’ when traveling. And it is that they are practical, compact and super beautiful. In them, you can carry basic toiletries such as shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner.

3. Toiletry bag with adjustable drawstring

This type of toiletry is a trend this year. Its peculiarity is that it adapts perfectly to your luggage and fits a lot of things inside: makeup, hair accessories, a fresh cologne …

4. Toiletry bag with handle for hanging

bag with handle for hanging

The toiletry bags with hanging handles have always seemed to us to be the most comfortable and organized. This is also waterproof and foldable. If you do not have limitations in terms of liquids, you can take the regular formats of your favorite products, especially sunscreen and after sun lotion.

5. Travel toiletry set

A toiletry bag of every size and for everything. And make it sweet, please! This tropical print will accompany you on your trips and guarantee that you know where everything is: hygiene items, makeup, intimate hygiene, accessories.

6. Toiletry Bag with Silicone Bottles by Mr. Wonderful

This toiletry bag in the shape of a mini suitcase with a handle and zipper is perfect for taking everything you need on the road this summer and continuing to take advantage of it throughout the year to make it to the gym. Includes two reusable silicone pots. You can take advantage of its compartments to carry your summer makeup essentials: sun powders, blush, mascara, and lipstick.

7. Travel set

Another proposal to take your creams, shampoos, and cosmetics in their proper measure and not overload.

8. Reusable travel jars

Mr. wonderful toiletry bag

Another advantage of travel-size jars is that being reusable, they avoid unnecessary consumption of plastics. Take good care of them, and you can use them on all your trips repeatedly.

9. Hanging toiletry bag

We do not know what we like best, its print, its size, or how practical it is to carry an organized toiletry bag and leave nothing behind. As we have said before, we love to take a hanging toiletry bag on our trips, and it is also ideal to always have it hanging in your bathroom.

10. Mr. wonderful toiletry bag

This practical and spacious toiletry bag is perfect for carrying all your beauty products, and, also, it will surely make you smile every time you see it.

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