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3 Reasons Why Rosemary Oil is a Must-Have in Every Hair Growth Serum

Rosemary Oil Hair Growth Serum

Many people assume that their hair’s in healthy condition just because they don’t see balls of hair strands on the floor when, in reality, they could be suffering from having poor-quality locks. Most people tend to ignore the red flags indicating hair growth problems, leading to worse scenarios.

Thus, it is of utmost priority to check out the signs and possible causes of hair issues. It can be most beneficial for you to start using hair growth serums to prevent future hair problems.

Hair growth serums are products that contain potent and active ingredients for boosting your hair health. Of course, it can be much better to include natural constituents loaded with hair growth nutrients. Specifically, using a hair growth serum made with rosemary oil will ensure your hair’s glorious comeback.

What is rosemary oil, and why is it essential in every hair growth serum? Get to know what rosemary is all about and the benefits it can bring when used as an ingredient for hair growth serums.

1. Why Hair Growth Serums Need Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is an extract from the woody perennial shrub called rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis). This evergreen shrub can grow abundantly in cold climates, mostly in the Mediterranean and Asian regions. Its lavender-coloured flowers, which are surrounded by spiky leaves, are widely used in cuisines, beverages, and aromatherapy.

Rosemary Oil is a Must-Have in Every Hair Growth Serum

But what other people may not know is rosemary oil’s capability to stimulate hair regrowth. How can rosemary’s potent extract increase your hair density and improve your locks’ quality? Below are the following reasons why hair growth serums must contain rosemary oil.

2. It can prevent androgen-induced hair loss problems.

The influx of testosterone in the body has been a common cause of hair loss in women. This condition happens due to the invasion of excessive dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in hair follicles. In 2013, a group of Japanese researchers had found how rosemary extract can inhibit the proliferation of DHT in mice.

It contains 12-methoxycarnosic acid, which can hinder the 5α-reductase enzyme (the catalyst of DHT production) from binding to androgen receptors on hair follicles. But in 2015, another study was conducted involving human participants.

The results revealed a significant increase in hair count after six months of using rosemary extract. Thus, using rosemary oil can help you prevent androgens from deteriorating hair growth quality.

3. It can help accelerate your hair regrowth.

Hair count and texture aren’t the only concerns of having healthy hair condition. You must also ensure that you have a healthy scalp. Rosemary extract contains carnosic acid, which is known to help repair damaged tissues and nerves.

Applying rosemary oil on your scalp may restore your hair follicles’ nerves, thereby stimulating hair regrowth. Rosemary extract is also rich in antioxidants, thanks to the polyphenols carnosol and rosmarinic acid that can protect your hair follicles against oxidative stress.

Rosemary Oil Hair Growth Serum

4. It can alleviate your itchy scalp problems.

Besides encouraging hair regrowth, having rosemary oil as an ingredient for hair growth serums is also an excellent choice. According to small-scale studies, its phenolic compounds have potent antifungal properties that can prevent the yeast-like fungus (Malassezia) from causing dandruff problems.

Rosemary oil is also an oily substance that can be easily applied for instant itch relief, plus it will make your locks shinier and softer than ever.

5. Choose Having Rosemary Oil for Your Hair Growth Serum.

Including a hair growth serum in your hair care routine is essential in improving your hair’s manageability. Simultaneously, you can guarantee that your tresses are in their healthiest condition, thanks to the serum’s potent ingredients.

Rosemary oil not only does provide a myriad of hair-boosting benefits, but it’s also safe and relaxing enough to be applied on your locks and scalp every day. Using a hair growth serum empowered with rosemary oil will ensure that you’ll never get to see your hair in bad condition again.

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