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7 Ideas For Healthy, Light, And Balanced Breakfasts

Balanced Breakfasts

Breakfasts: “The most important meal of the day.” You have heard it said many times, but it is like this: Breakfasts activate your metabolism in the morning and is essential to perform all day. Also, take care of your health and lose weight!

1. You Are Sedentary Breakfasts

Dispense with caloric foods (sugars and flour or saturated fats such as butter). By not moving, they will make you gain weight. Opt for small portions, and with a bra (whole grains, fruits ), its satiating effect will fill you up with few calories.

Ideal Breakfast: you can have a toast of whole wheat bread with lettuce, a slice of tomato, and fresh cheese. And to drink, a coffee with skimmed milk or an unsweetened infusion.

The snack: the piece of fruit that should include Breakfast can be reserved for mid-morning. Apart from vitamins and few calories, its water and bra will make you feel “full” and prevent you from biting.

2. Early Rises a Lot of Breakfasts

If you wake up too early and are not hungry at all, the problem may be that you eat too late. Try to bring forward dinner the day before and force yourself to have Breakfast, even if it is light, and then make 2 snacks.

Early Rises

Ideal Breakfast: Plan this meal the night before. A coffee to activate you, whole grains with skimmed yogurt, and red berries is a good option.

If you get up at 6 in the morning, the snack has 2 snacks to last until noon. At 9:00 am whole-grain biscuits and a handful of nuts and noon a piece of fresh fruit and a couple of dried apricots.

3. You Have an Active Rhythm

It includes complex carbohydrates, folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12, proteins, and minerals. This combination is what favors good physical and mental performance.

Ideal Breakfast: a good option is a sandwich of whole wheat bread (vitamin B, zinc, magnesium, iron ), ham or omelet (proteins), and yogurt with fruit or nuts.

The snack: to avoid a “downturn,” at 3 hours, have 2 whole grain cookies with blueberry juice, which improve concentration.

4. You Are on a Diet

Recall that having a good breakfasts help you lose weight: if you don’t, you may suffer hypoglycemia in the middle of the morning and feel hungry, which encourages you to snack more between meals and gain kilos. Do not forget to eat whole grains; it is known that wearing them for Breakfast helps control weight.

good breakfast
Ideal Breakfast: starts with a relaxing infusion of linden or passionflower (drinking water before eating is satiating). Then, half a whole wheat sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and fresh cheese.

The snack: it should be light and satisfying to control your appetite: another infusion and fruit (chew) well.

5. Your Cholesterol is High

Several studies propose that skipping Breakfast raises cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol. If your blood levels are high, including omega-3 fats, bra, and antioxidant vitamins (E&C) in this meal will help keep it at bay.

Ideal Breakfast: a sandwich of whole wheat bread with olive oil and canned sardines. An anti-cholesterol trio. Top it off with an apple (its pectin and polyphenols lower cholesterol) and a green tea.

The snack: take the edge of the mid-morning snack to have the dairy ration. Opt for a skimmed yogurt with walnuts; this fruit is rich in bra, omega 3, and antioxidants.

6. You Suffer From Constipation

A breakfast rich in bra and fluids will promote your regularity. You should take 25 to 35 g of bra a day, so you should start the day with a good dose.

Ideal Breakfast: a bowl of boiled oat flakes. This cereal is very rich in bra—skimmed yogurt with 3-4 dried plums (they are caloric; eat them in moderation).

The snack: have two or three figs, fresh or dried. In addition to bra, they have substances with a laxative effect and are well digested.

7. If You Have Stress or Depression Breakfasts

Take advantage of this meal to include foods that help you temper your nerves without taking away any energy.

Ideal Breakfast: a bowl of whole grains, nuts, and oatmeal drink (it has a slight sedative effect). Complementing this meal with vitamin C from kiwi or citrus will help you get active. To drink, opt for an infusion with a relaxing effect (linden, passionflower, hops, orange blossom ).

a bowl of whole grains

The snack: we suggest a banana smoothie with skimmed yogurt. It is rich in tryptophan, vitamin B6, and magnesium, which help calm anxiety.

If you feel tired in the morning, or it is difficult for you to concentrate, it may be because you have not had an excellent breakfast to start the day on the “right foot.” And is that Breakfast is the first meal you take after the night’s rest.

With it, you break the longest fast to which you submit daily: the hours of sleep. Therefore, when you wake up, you must eat a balanced and complete breakfast, which allows you to replenish the energy and nutrients you need.

Everything to Include

Breakfast should represent between 20 and 25% of the daily caloric intake and, like the rest of the main meals, provide all the nutrients your body requires. This is achieved when you include a dairy (skimmed to carry the necessary calcium and no fat), a serving of whole grains (gives you energy and satiates you), and fresh fruit (vitamin C activates you in the morning and strengthens your defenses ).

In general, the ideal Breakfast, but should you follow this formula if you are on a diet, get up a lot early, or suffer from constipation? Basically, yes, but with nuances. Take note and make this meal of the day your best ally to feel better.

Fiber Should Not Be Missing First Thing in the Morning

Even if you do not hurt from constipation, it is a must at any breakfast. She is always an ally. If you are very active, foods rich in bra “give” your energy gradually. And if you are sedentary, they fill you up and fill you for hours, so you “kill” hunger and do not snack during the day. The bra also helps reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol.

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