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We Advance The News Of The New Ikea [2021] Catalog

new ikea catlog

The Ikea catalog is 70 years old, and from the Swedish firm, they send a preview with all their news. The Ikea 2021 catalog is full of ideas and inspiration to decorate the house. How eager to see them!

As every year, Ikea sends a preview of its catalog so that we begin to wish all its news. In this edition, her goal is to make your house more sustainable, smarter, and prettier.

Its novelties are divided by rooms: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, and children. And it has the last category of a healthy life.

1. In The Living Room, A New Corner Sofa

new corner sofa

The Ikea Söderhamn model expands its range with a 4-seat corner sofa with an open end. Its cover is cotton and polyester.

The couch measures 192/291 × 99 x 83 cm and is priced at € 1,139. The yellow cushion cover is also a novelty. It is the GullKlocka model and is worth € 6.

2. A Birch Coffee Table

It is the new Nordic-style Ikea Omtänksam model. It is made with high-pressure laminate and solid birch. It measures 115 × 60 x 55 cm and is priced at € 179.

3. A Retro Air Cushion

Its print and color will add an elegant touch to your sofa. It is the Stenmätare cushion cover. Made of 100% cotton, it measures 50 x 50 and is priced at € 4.

4. DareDo You With A Red Sofa

At Ikea, they do it with their three-seater Grönlid sofa. It measures 247 x 98 x 104 cm, and its cover is the Ljungen model in light red. Long live the color!

5. A Cushion Of Flowers


Ikea expands its line of patterned cushions with the new Idalinnea cover. Made of 100% cotton, it measures 50 x 50 cm and is priced at € 4.

6. And A Lamp With An Arched Foot

Ikea Skaftet model floor lamp base (€ 50). Made with rattan and powder-coated steel. An excellent choice to light up your living room with elegance.

7. Ikea’s New Kitchen

It is called Enhet, and it is one of the great novelties in the kitchen field. Their fronts combine white and oak finish and do not include the appliances that appear in the image the front of 203 × 63.5 x 222cm costs € 517. And, if you want to see more ideas, this is the new IKEA kitchen catalog.

8. A Very Decorative Shelf

This powder-coated steel shelf belongs to the same Enhet collection. It measures 21 cm in diameter and 40 cm high—your price: € 7.

9. And To Illuminate

new home

Integrated led lighting. It is the Ikea Skydrag model. Aluminum and plastic measures 60 cm and costs € 15 /u.

10. A Very Capable Tall Cabinet

Perfect for gaining a large storage area in your kitchen. It is the Enhet high cabinet model with four shelves and a door. Each body measures 30 x 30 x 180 cm and is worth € 79 / u.

11. A Practical Strainer

It is the Ikea Klockren model. Stainless steel and silicone rubber. It is 24 cm in diameter and priced at € 12.

12. In The Bedroom, The New Ikea Duvet Covers

Ikea duvet covers are always one of its most popular and in-demand items. Among the novelties of the new Ikea catalog is the model with green Kransrams stripes, made of 100% cotton.

For a 240×220 cm bed, the duvet cover and pillowcases cost € 25. Here you can see all the photos of bedrooms from the new IKEA 2021 catalog.

13. A Very Intrepid Lamp

intrepid lamp

It is the new Nävlinge focus from Ikea. It has a clamp that makes it easy to place it near the bed to be able to read. Made of polycarbonate plastic and steel in red, it costs € 12.

14. Another Duvet Cover That Will Triumph

It is the Blavinda model from Ikea, which, smooth, is very easy to combine with colored blankets and plaids. The duvet cover and two pillowcases for a 150 x 200 cm bed are priced at € 30.

15. A Crystal Lamp

With mid-century air, this lamp is sure to fly off Ikea shelves. It is called Simrishamn, and it has three arms topped by glass spheres. Made of chrome steel and glass, it costs € 69.

16. A Mirror For The Dressing Table

Round mirrors are a trend that Ikea is also aiming for. This mirror is the Hindus model from Ikea. Made of colorless varnish, it measures 50 cm in diameter and is priced at € 25. Don’t miss out on all the wardrobe news from the new Ikea 2021 catalog.

17. A Green Velvet Bed

A touch of elegance only suitable for daring and stylish homes. It is the Tukejord upholstered bed frame from Ikea (€ 499). The upholstery is the Djuparp model in dark green.

18. A Printed Duvet Cover

a printed duvet cover

His motifs, reminiscent of animal print, will surely be one of the hits of the season. It is the Trädkrassula model of duvet cover and pillowcase. For a 240 x 220 bed, it is worth € 10.

19. Protective Pillow Covers

In its rest section, Ikea also has some new features such as the Luddros pillow protector covers. Recycled polyester and cotton are worth € 3.

20. And A Cool Quilt

It is the perfect Stjärnbräcka model for when it is not too cold yet. Made of lyocell and cotton, it measures 150 x 220 cm and is worth € 35.

21. In The Bathroom, A Cabinet With Ceramic Fronts

Another novelty from Ikea that will surely succeed and surprise in equal parts. Combine the Enhet and Tvallen models in laminate and ceramic.

There are many other combinations—your price: € 372. Get inspired by the rest of Ikea’s proposals for the bathroom of its new 2021 catalog.

22. For Small And Stylish Bathrooms

You can combine two new items from Ikea: the Lundskär tap in metallic brass (€ 90) and the Odenvisk ceramic sink cabinet 63 × 49 cm (€ 50).

23. Ikea Mirrors Will Make People Talk

Ikea mirrors


Like the Lindbyn round model, it is 80 cm in diameter and priced at € 49. Its thin black frame is aluminum.

24. A Tall Bathroom Cabinet

Another novelty from Ikea is this bathroom cabinet that combines laminate and ceramic and the Enhet and Tvallen models. It measures 64 × 43 x 87 cm and is priced at € 269.

25. Two Oval-shaped Mirrors

They also belong to the Lindbyn Ikea collection. They measure 60 x 120 cm and will give the bathroom a vertical feeling. They are great as a couple. Your price: € 49.

26. A Very Original High Cabinet

It has a mirror front that lets you see the rest of the content. It is the Enke / Tvallen model from Ikea. It measures 64 x 43 x 65 cm and costs € 277.

27. In Children’s Bedrooms, Do Not Miss The Color

new Ikea kitchen

An excellent example of this is the Graciös duvet cover. It has a green base and an original red print. The duvet cover 150 x 220 cm, and the pillowcase 50 x 60 cm cost € 15.

28. Some Colored Hangers

Ikea expands its offer of children’s hangers with the new Bagis model. It is a set of 8 colored hooks that costs € 1.50. They look great on the Skadis perforated board in the image. Your price: € 23.

29. A Bamboo Cabinet To Keep Order

It can be in the living room, the children’s room, or the study. The Ivar furniture from Ikea will be one of the first to be sold out, and we have no doubt. Bamboo with colorless varnish and solid pine. It measures 89 × 30 x 179 cm and is priced at € 181.

30. A Canopy Crib

Ikea also takes into account the needs of the smallest of the house. That is why it presents a new cradle, the Smagöra model. In solid painted beech.

It measures 66 × 124 x 79 cm and is worth € 79. You can complete it with the Lenn Blanco canopy, another novelty. Your price: € 10.

31. For Bath Time

Ikea also presents a new hooded towel that will delight the little ones. It is the Rörande model, made of 100% cotton. It measures 60 x 60 cm and costs € 6.

32. A Polka Dot Rug

To shelter the floor right next to the bed or to frame the play area. It is the Len model of Ikea. 100% nylon with rubber backing. It measures 133 × 160 cm and is worth € 35.

33. And A Very Soft Triceratops

The theme of dinosaurs is the protagonist in the novelties for children of Ikea. We were left with the Játtelik plush. It costs € 8.

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