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Ten Tricks (expertly approved) To Care For Curly Hair In Summer

Curly Hair In Summer

Girls with curls fear the arrival of summer because it is usually when their hair runs wild. With these tips, regaining control will be much easier.

The girls with curly hair understand each other correctly. Only if you have good loops do you know the difficulties of taking care of them, especially in summer? And it is that with the heat comes the humidity and friends; this may be your worst enemy.

But don’t despair. You have to adapt to everything, and thanks to the advice of several experts, we have prepared an infallible guide to tame curls in summer.

A good cut and the right products, in addition to having a few everyday aspects in mind, will be your weapons when facing your curls.

You do not have to hate them and throw yourself in a plate for a permanent straightening because having these ten aspects under control; you will see that they are easy to tame and look perfect for the next few months.

1. A good haircut


Start from a good foundation and get a haircut suitable for your curls. It will be essential for the rest of the care to have the effect you want. There are many options, but one of our favorites for the summer is the curly bob.

Although if you prefer another style, discover these seven curly haircuts that will suit you best.

2. Exfoliate your scalp

Performing a scalp exfoliation is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your curls. By cleaning this area in-depth, you remove bacteria and product residues that can interfere with its care. This one by Christophe Robin is purifying and contains sea salt.

3. Brush your hair only when wet

If your curls are very tight, you will already know that it is practically impossible to brush them dry, but if you manage it, the only thing you can do is increase frizz.

Therefore, use the brush only when you have wet hair and do it with a flexible brush that makes your task easier. This is from Beter’s Natural Fiber collection.

4. Use conditioners without rinsing.

conditioners without rinsing

Conditioners are essential to tame curls and curb the frizz effect, and those that do not need to be clarified are one of the best options in your case. We love this one because it leaves the hair super silky as it manages to keep moisture at bay.

5. Moisturize, hydrate, hydrate

Use a good moisturizing mask about twice a week or even as a conditioner in all washes. You will not regret it. Hydrated curls look much more flexible and shiny than if they are parched. Garnier Fructis Nutritious Hair Food Banana Mask can be used in both ways and also smells lovely…

6. Go for it with the oils

The hair oils should be an essential step in your beauty routine all year round, but in summer, when its use becomes more critical. Use with wet hair to facilitate detangling and with dry hair for a touch of shine and hydration.

One of our favorites is L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil, which contains vitamin-rich avocado oil and antioxidant grape seed oil.

7. Don’t rub with the towel

If when you get out of the shower, the first thing you do is remove the moisture from your hair by rubbing with a regular towel, stop doing it now because you are damaging your hair more than you think. It is best to put on a microfiber towel and let it absorb excess moisture on its own. This is from Aquis.

8. Goodbye dryer


During the summer, and always, but it is more difficult if it is cold, leave the dryer aside. Allow your hair to air dry, thus dehydrating less. If at any time you have to dry it with a dryer, do it with the diffuser and warm atmosphere.

9. Sleep with a silk pillowcase

Like a queen, come on. Silk, or its substitutes, are better for hair than typical cotton sheaths because they allow the hair to glide better and avoid the frizz effect.

Sleeping with a synthetic pillowcase is one of the five most common mistakes we make at night, and that spoils our hair.

10.Put on hat

If you also wear a hat in addition to using a sunscreen for your hair, your curly hair will thank you! Also, this season they take a lot of these accessories to find many that you like.

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