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The “Fantastic 5” That Your Hair Needs For The Summer

Hair Needs For The Summer

Summer is a tough test for hair, and few are the manes who survive the holidays without having to sacrifice centimeters around. Don’t let this happen!

High temperatures, the sun’s action, and other agents such as chlorine, salt, or wind dry the mane and make it as fragile as possible.

As Adolfo Remartínez, Nuggela & Sule, reminds us, “heat inflames the scalp, causes dehydration, causes the cuticles to open and the hair to become more porous, dry and brittle.

UV radiation, meanwhile, degrades color, eliminates shine, and weakens the cuticle. ”The expert adds that “the change in pH of the water can affect and weaken the hair cuticle, amplifying the sensation of split ends and increasing frizz.

Fantastic 5 That Your Hair Needs For The Summer

Also, high levels of lime are deposited on the hair, affecting its quality and causing hair loss volume, vitality, and especially shine ”.

If you don’t want this to happen, take a look at these products that your hair needs this summer: Moisturizing mist, mask, sunscreen Make room in your toiletry bag!

1. Hair mist

If facial mist already has a privileged place in your beauty bag, it’s time to bet on a hair. This one from Nuggela & Sule balances the pH of the water and counteracts the effects of lime so that hair is perfect in your day to day, on the beach, in the mountains, or wherever you are.

In addition to that, it provides nutrients that close the cuticle, prevents frizz, leaves hair shiny, with more volume, and facilitates any hairstyle.

It is sprayed after washing, does not require rinsing, and transforms the hair immediately. Its ingredients include cotton extract, hyaluronic acid, essential amino acids, artichoke leaf extract, and lactic acid.

Ash-blonde with a hint of ash


2. Sunscreen

Have you already bought sunscreen for your face and body? Now invest in one for your hair if you don’t want it to become dry, brittle, and fade. This one from Calypso hydrates the hair in depth thanks to the argan oil it contains.

3. Moisturizing mask

An excellent moisturizing mask will save your hair on vacation. We love this one with coconut oil because it brings life back to hair damaged by heat tools, dye, and contamination.

Also, it facilitates detangling, prevents the appearance of split ends, and smells lovely.

Moisturizing mask

4. Hair oil

Hair oil is another essential product in your beauty bag. We keep this one from Olaplex, one of Khloe and Kim Kardashian’s favorite brands. It is not greasy at all and leaves hair shiny, smooth, healthier, and hydrated. Also, it offers protection against heat up to 230º C.

Hair Oil Shampoo

5. Repairing shampoo

Do not forget to get a shampoo that repairs and nourishes your hair in depth. This one from Kiehl’s strengthens weak nose, but it is delicate, so you can use it even if you have a susceptible scalp.

It is ideal for hair subjected to chemical treatments or excess heat. Does not contain parabens, silicones, or sulfates.

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