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Short Hair or Long Hair From 30 And The Looks That Best Feel According To Experts


Let’s also talk about the tones and styles that most favor from this age. Hair experts agree, and the 30s are the ideal time to leave the extra-long hair to bet on more modern, defined, and trendy haircuts.

Although without a doubt, wearing short hair or long hair from the age of 30 is a personal decision because it would be necessary to take into account the health of the mane and the cut, many assure that beyond the thirty-thirty so many and even 40, it is a sure hit for medium or shoulder-length hair. We tell you why and what are the cuts and tones that most favor from this age.

Entering the 30s for many women is a turning point and a change in their lives. In hairdressing salons, they often ask from this age and, according to the hairdressers, a change of look that reflects their new emotional situation. And the question that arises is what I choose: short hair or long hair, what are the looks that feel best?


And it is that with time, the very long hair that we had at 20 often gets messy, and disheveled Although the long hair remedy is commonly used to cover different areas of the face and is well known As a camouflage effect, it becomes more important that the hair stay healthier from root to tip. When it is very long, it is more difficult to achieve.

As Luis Pérez, an educator at Wella Professionals assures us, “the cuts are based on each type of hair, its texture, its volume, the style of each person, but if we want to establish a standard form we could think of a haircut bob, long bob, or a midi mane, because it allows you to play with the length, comb your hair with some effect of bright, wavy, straight hair … and they are very versatile cuts “, she tells us.

Although many believe that short hair has more limits and long hair can be more youthful in any case, they depend on the color, and the shine of the mane and varies according to taste, education, and style of each …

In general, for those who want to go little by little in their change of look, “they tend to go from long hair to medium-length manes below the shoulders and not at all weathered, and the long bob is one of the looks that most favors since that adapts to the facial morphology of each client and accepts all kinds of colors, “says Daniel Marín, director of the Sanctum salon.


Chocolate color

According to Luis Pérez, “from the thirties and forties, it is better to opt for medium hair (and with a length for the shoulders) with medium length cuts or bobs that can be longer, shorter, asymmetrical, smooth, wavy, divided with a middle stripe (more modern), with a lateral line (more classic), asymmetrical (more creative) sleek (more sophisticated) wavy (more summery) because they are always flattering cuts. ”

Álex Sestelo, stylist and director of the Álex Sestelo salon, also assures us that 30 is the perfect age to dare with a risky cut, “as long as it is within your options. The garçon cut fascinates me because it brings a touch of freshness and unsurpassed sensuality and goes for slightly open bangs and straight hair. ”

In the case of Sandra Sadler, an expert in cuts of the Coolday salon, she recommends betting on “an extended cut with subtle gradients to preserve a good volume accompanied by waves to enhance the movement of the mane, and it is the ideal cut to get some balayage highlights. Or some daylight highlights to perhaps make up the first gray hair visible at this age “.

But as Marina Morán, director of Naturally Spa per Capelli Reus, also assures, “not for the fact of adding years we should cut our hair, but what many women want to avoid is a radical change, preferring to go little by little.

If your style is not going Associated with short hair, you must maintain a length with which you feel identified as long as the quality of your hair allows it, and taking into account that as you turn your age, the hair weakens and fades, which is why the pixie cut has Triumphed at older generations. But in my opinion, the layered, messy bob shouldn’t be pigeonholed at one age; this cut fits perfectly into any lifestyle. ”


Leaving gray hair is a very personal decision, but in any case, you have to take care of your health and cut hair and if you choose to leave your gray hair unstained, it becomes even more important to wear a defined cut and care.

If you decide to dye them, “you can choose semi-permanent dyes or colorations that conceal and embellish them without having the effect of a classic dye that can create a somewhat older style in this case” assures us the color expert Luis Pérez, from Wella Professionals.

The expert Eduardo Sánchez, from the Maison Eduardo Sánchez, assures us that as for the first gray hairs of the 30s, “nothing like betting on covering them with very natural results such as mud, hennas, and reflections and highlights that do not stop root effect. ”

Regarding color, Daniel Marín, from the Sanctum salon, recommends “getting closer to the golden and hazelnut tones to make the first gray hairs more natural, although the ideal would be to approach ash shades that camouflage them without actually hiding them.”

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