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Shaved Hair For Women: The Reasons To Wear it

Shaved hair how do you know if it favors

Sinead O’Connor, Demi Moore, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, or Agyness Deyn come to mind. Still, this season promises to become a trend that is coming to stay hand in hand with at least a dozen models that have signed up shaved hair for women because the new beauty is unisex and does not understand gender.

Tops like Ruth Bell and Kris Gottschalk have been sweeping the catwalks ever since they gave up their long manes.

And we show you why you have to give it to them at least once in your life, why not now? Stylist word. It favors (almost) all kinds of faces, it is only a matter of adapting it to you.

Every woman dreams of living the experience of having shaved hair at least once in her life. This wish can come true this season because the girls with the shortest hair are triumphing on the catwalks.

Shaved Hair For Women The Reasons To Wear it

And it is a modern and trendy short hair that is no longer only available to a few. Far from the undercut, that is only a slight approach to the liberation of cutting the mane literally and which consisted of shaving only one or several sides of the hair.

The buzz cut or shaved hair comes to impose itself and remove all prejudices and go further and become a haircut for just a few.

Favor’s heart-shaped faces such as the Ruth Bell top or full, jaw-marked, and oval looks like the Kris Gottschalk model in the Versace show.

And also, both models star in the Burberry and Givenchy spring-summer campaigns. Charlize Theron is the perfect example of how this cut favors oval faces and long necks.

1. Shaved hair: how do you know if it favors you and take the plunge?

Alberto Cerdán confesses that he favors faces and wide necks because it allows us to lengthen the features and balance them.

And in that sense, Camille Albane’s cutting experts assure that it is a cut that can be adapted to many faces, but it will always have to be accompanied by makeup, a more daring style of clothing, at least being a beauty.

Shaved hair style for womens

It is worth taking the risk because the hair grows back. You can surprise yourself and liberate yourself much more than you think because it supposes a real reaffirmation of your self-esteem in an era of changes, professionals, couples, or style.

2. Life reasons in which 90 percent of cases, some women shave their hair.

Then there is the 2.25-inch rule, imposed by John Frieda and which consists of measuring the distance from your jaw to your ear to determine if your hair is shaved and short and you are going or not.

You can place a ruler perpendicular to the neck, and a pencil horizontally under your chin and measure the distance from the earlobe to the jaw.

If the result is less than 5.71 centimeters, the stylist bets that short hair will look good on you, while if it exceeds this measure, shaved hair will not be such a flattering look.

However, to shave your head, you don’t have to be very pretty, but very sure of yourself. Because femininity is not tied to Rapunzel’s hair or Barbie’s hair. Why not dare?

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