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Low Ponytail – The Trend Most Seen On The Catwalk

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This flattering and comfortable hairstyle has returned to take over our manes. We leave you here the best looks of the catwalk to inspire you.

I don’t know how to make very elaborate hairstyles. As much as I try, the romantic hairstyles with a thousand braids that are so successful on Pinterest never come out, and sometimes I even have a hard time making waves. My star hairstyle? The pigtail.

If I do not have my hair down, I do a ponytail because it is a hairstyle that looks super good, it is suitable for any occasion, and I can do it in 20 seconds (or less).

My new obsession for the summer is the low pigtails that have been so successful on the catwalk this season.

I love them because they are exquisite and give a chic touch to any look. Also, they support any complement beyond cholesterol.

Take a look at these inspirational looks and succeed this summer!

the Low ponytail trend most seen on the catwalk

1. Smooth or with waves?

If you have long hair and want to get a sophisticated and polished look, iron your hair before picking it up (don’t forget to apply a protective spray to avoid damaging the nose).

Of course, you have to know that a polished ponytail with straight hair will not favor you if you have lovely hair or little. In this case, go for soft waves to gain extra volume.

2. Half mane

The good thing about this hairstyle is that you can bet on it whether you have very long hair, or if you wear a half-mane. If you have freshly washed hair, add a little texturizing spray so that the strands do not “slip.”

3. With curly hair

The low ponytail is also a safe bet if you have curly hair. If you want to recreate this look that we have seen on the Elie Tahari catwalk, before picking up your hair, apply a spray or oil to avoid frizz.

See how good a low ponytail looks with some hoop earrings. Take a look at these Zara accessories that cost less than € 20 and elevate any beauty look.

the Low ponytail trends

4. Play with the stripe

The stripe in the middle makes the features look more childlike, the zig-zag line conceals the gray hair, and the side contributes to softening the look and rejuvenating.

If you want to change your look without having to go to the hairdresser, play with the line!

5. The trick to hiding the gum

Do you want it to look like you are not wearing a rubber and that you have styled only your hair? After picking up your hair, take a lock of your ponytail and wrap it around the rubber band.

Secure it with invisible hairpins. Our head hairdresser, Olga San Bartolome, explains the step-by-step video to hide the rubber.

6. Wet effect

Wet or wet effect hairstyles are one of the beauty trends that have triumphed the most on the catwalks this year. Apply a damp effect gel and collect the hair in a low ponytail. If you want, you can also make yourself a braid.

7. Low ponytail or loose hair?

Loose or collected hair? If you are indecisive, take a look at this look from the Rahul Mishra catwalk, it is the perfect solution for you! You will only need an XXL pin to perform this hairstyle.

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