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6 Hair Color Trends, Very Wearable For Summer

6 Hair Color Trends, Very Wearable For Summer

Summer is not the best time of the year to make a very crazy makeover, but it can be a good time to flirt with a new color or hair color trends that takes a turn and updates our image without being slaves to hair.

When summer comes, the body asks us for a change of image and a fresher and more natural look, right? And this summer with more zeal if possible after having spent most of the spring locked up at home, and when we are already beginning to reconcile ourselves with all kinds of pampering and care.

Throughout these weeks, we have been seeing hair color trends, more subtle or more explosive, ideal for blonde, brown or brunette women, very wearable haircuts in summer, and all kinds of techniques to boast of great hair. Yes, we are climbing the walls, and the urge to visit our hairdressing salon is at its highest point.

Although summer is not the best time of the year to make a very extreme makeover, it can be a good time to flirt with a new color or hair trend such as highlights, highlights, or a tint that transforms our image by full.

Hair Color Trends, Very Wearable


Whatever your decision (and that of your stylist), we will give you a tip: bet on a color that winks in summer but is wearable and easy to maintain.

We have collected the most beautiful hair colors for the summer season and are also trending. Small (significant) advance: everyone is lovely.

1. Chocolate color

Warm colors always triumph in summer, but in 2020, they are also pure trends. The chocolate color, which could not be more appealing, is the best option for brunettes who want to light up their hair without losing their base color. It is the hair color for which the influencer Aretha Fusté has abandoned her usual blonde.

The ideal is to do it in gradient and leaving the roots to the natural one so that the maintenance is minimal. For a more natural finish, ask the hairdresser to put super lightener on strands to give the mane that ‘enameled’ touch, multidimensional, and very warm lighting.

Chocolate color

2. Sandy blonde

A gorgeous and super wearable summer color for blonde girls. It is a balayage that mixes cold and warm tones, leaving the natural sound of the root to create a natural effect. We love!

3. Hazelnut Hair (Hair Color Trends)

A degraded hazelnut color that fuses a very natural chestnut base leaves an ultra-luminous look and NOTHING artificial, which considerably sweetens the features.

It can be given a touch of light with a melting or fading color by adding lighter highlights. The result? I join those colors “kissed by the sun,” warm, that this Spring / Summer 2020 takes so much.

4. Ash-blonde with a hint of ash

Ash-blonde is a safe bet, and this summer, it is combined with that lovely vanilla blonde that began to succeed on Instagram last winter: the beige blonde—adding that new reflex makes it much easier to maintain and easily adapts to all skin types. We find it very beautiful.

Ash-blonde with a hint of ash

5. Glossy Plum Hair (Hair Color Trends)

The plum base color that blends with a lovely chocolate chestnut. Glossy Plum Hair is a very natural color with lots of light. An ideal option for women with light or darker skin because it is beautiful, flattering, and feminine.

6. Dirty blonde or dark blonde

Sweet, comfortable, flattering, and versatile. We were already talking about Dirty blonde here, that color reminds us of blonde from when we were girls, and that rejuvenates by giving a lot of light to the face.

It is a reflection as natural as when the sun shines on the hair, and it is easy to achieve in brunette or brown girls through techniques such as balayage.

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