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The Newest Thing To Fight Obesity

Fight Obesity

Fight Obesity: Obesity is one of our time’s evils, but we have more and more tools that allow us to fight against the dangerous extra kilos. We explain what science says about this problem so that you can start to improve your habits and diet.

It’s known as the epidemic of the 21st century, and it’s no wonder. In our country, 6 out of 10 people are already overweight or obese, which has doubled in 15 years.

1. Objective: End Resistant Fight Obesity

In obese people, exercising and reducing calories is sometimes not enough, especially if metabolic alterations favor weight problems. The taste for fatty dishes, marked in the genes. A mutation in a gene (MC4R) could make obese people have a predilection for these types of words, according to a recent report from the University of Cambridge (UK).

green leafy

Acquiring good habits from childhood, re-educating the palate is even more critical in these cases. A protein could be the key. Analysts from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) have discovered a mechanism capable of transforming white fat (which accumulates in the body) into brown (which burns and produces energy).

They do this by increasing the levels of a protein (GRP78) in the brain. The study opens a path to future treatments in humans. If white fat turns brown, it can be burned sooner.

A copper deficiency can make you fat. This mineral helps fats break down and burn better, says a US study. Seafood and green leafy vegetables are wealthy in it.

2. What the Latest Research Says

  • The cold helps you. It can cause changes in the microbiota that help you burn more fat.
  • Get moving by bike. Those who do so weigh, on average, 4 kilos less than those who choose the car as a means of transport.
  • Eat without watching TV—parents who do have 67% more options to eat more vegetables.
  • Mood influences. The risk of obesity increases by 58% among people affected by depression.
  • Go to bed early. Staying up late and rest part of the morning increases the risk of abdominal obesity.
  • Less precooked. 65.5% of peoples admit to eating more dishes of this type than their parents at their age.

If you doubt whether you are overweight, you can apply a simple formula that will help you find out. Divide your mass in kilos by your height in meters squared. If the figure is more than 25, you are overweight.

3. The Ratio Microbiota and Extra Kilos

Why do some people get fatter? Doctors explains that if you lack certain bacteria in the gut can accumulate up to 150 kcal more day.

Friendly bacteria live in our intestines that help us, among other things, in digesting food. It is the so-called intestinal flora, made up of a wide variety of bacteria.

Obesity a Risk Factor - Fight Obesity

Every time we have a more impoverished flora. Living in environments that are too clean, the increased use of antibiotics … contributes to the fact that we now have fewer bacteria in the intestine than a few years ago.

Altered gut flora can influence weight.

This can affect the weight since some of those that we have in smaller quantities make the food more profitable or help the loss of appetite to occur after eating.overweight and obesity

The latest research associates this altered flora with overweight and obesity. Specifically, it is believed that this may be responsible for accumulating up to 150 more kcal per day in certain people.

4. Foods That Take Care of Fight Obesity

Some ingredients can help you take care of your intestinal flora and preserve its biodiversity.
They help you “repopulate” it. Probiotic ingredients provide live bacteria. Yogurt, sauerkraut, and pickles are some of these probiotics.

Or they help feed it. Prebiotics are “food” for bacteria. Onion, asparagus, artichokes, banana thus stimulate the flora. Include these foods little by little in your daily diet and begin to evaluate the small changes that you notice in your body and regular habits.

Remember to consult your doctor about the options that best suit you and combine good nutrition with exercise and healthy habits. You must also integrate the changes in your diet as habits that will be part of you and help you improve your health.

Do not see them as an imposed diet that will end in a few weeks to avoid the rebound effect. Consume well is not just about losing weight; it is about improving your life and allowing your body to function in the best possible way.

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