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8 Foods With More Potassium Than Bananas

More Potassium

Potassium: How great potassium does a banana contain? Much? Little bit? More than any other food? Or perhaps his fame is not as deserved as we think? Indeed, most of us would bet that you have a significant amount. However, the reality is that few foods exceed 350 g of potassium that provide 100 g of this fruit. Let’s see the most outstanding ones.

1.  Soy

The pulses typically are foods rich in potassium. Proof of this is that soy contains about 1800 mg of this mineral per 100 g, closely accompany by black beans (1500 mg) and red beans (1400 mg).

Textured soy, unlike natural soy, in addition to potassium and other nutrients, contains almost twice as much protein and very little fat.

2. Pistachios

A very healthy snack. Of course, it is too one of the most caloric nuts. A serving of 30 grams (about 50 units) contains 160 calories.

healthy snack

Its potassium contribution stands out since 100 g of pistachios provide 1025 mg, almost a third. (3510 mg).

3. Plain Yogurt

In the inclusion of quality protein and calcium, yogurt can be the origin of potassium to examine. About 100 grams of yogurt holds 211 mg of potassium. You so far have the perfect snack. Of course, remain in mind that most yogurts are get rid of in 125 g containers.

Remember that it is better to select the skimmed version, so you will take advantage of all the nutritional benefits and keep away from extra and needless fats and sugars.

4. Sweet Potato

Thanks to this tuber, the initial cousin of the sugary potato and potato, you can take care of your cardiovascular health, at the agreeing that due to its high potassium content, you do it of your muscles and nervous system.

The sweet potato far exceeds the content in this mineral when we compare it with the banana (half a sweet potato has 542 mg).

5. Avocado

Just half an avocado already contains 487 mg of potassium, much more than the banana, whose content is around 350 mg / 100 g. Also, the consumption of avocado provides extra vitamin E and healthy fats.

an avocado

You can comprise this fruit in your diet by adding a few pieces to the salad as a stuffing in a sandwich or a base for guacamole.

6. Watermelon

A couple of watermelon slices are enough to get 641 mg of potassium. And if you take three, you do not have to worry about your weight, since it only provides 32 calories per 100g so that it can be included in any hypocaloric diet.

You can make ready a delicious and nutritious watermelon gazpacho. An uncomplicated way to do it is by add on Watermelon to your usual gazpacho.

7. Thistle

Winter is a perfect time to produce a recipe with thistle. This vegetable can supply up to 400 mg per 100 g. Among the carbohydrates contained in thistle is inulin. This material does not require insulin for its metabolism, making suitable thistle food for people with diabetes.

8. Spinach

Spinach can be contemplated as one of the primary origins of potassium. Its 560 mg of this mineral per 100 g covers a good part of the 3,510 mg that the body needs per day. It is better to eat them in a salad than cooked. A right mix could include pomegranate, carrot, fresh cheese, and a drizzle of additional maid olive oil.

Spinach with pomegranate

The World Health Organization endorse a daily intake of 3,510 mg of potassium. To meet this need, we have numerous foods at our disposal. The first one that most people link with potassium is bananas. But, its 350 mg per 100 g does not build it, by afar, the star root of this mineral.

Potassium, an essential micronutrient for muscle growth, protein production, control of the electrical activity of the heart, regulation of the water level in the body, and the reduction of the adverse effects of sodium, among other functions, is attending in the flesh, fish, fruits, greens, dairy, and nuts.

In the gallery you have fair seen, we have collected lean of the many foods that supply our body with more potassium than bananas. This fruit’s widespread belief is the definitive source of potassium collapses when we compare its values ​​with those of sweet potatoes, soybeans, pistachios, or spinach.

Neither Has So Much Potassium Nor is It the Most Fattening Fruit

Another of the false myths related to the banana is the one that ensures that it is one of the fruits that makes you fatter, if not the most. This statement is not valid.

It is an error that arises from how the energy values ​​are observed in the informational tables. These are expressed for edible portions of 100 g. In the case of bananas, it is calculated that this amount of food provides 20.8 g of carbohydrates. However, we do not consider that we usually eat a medium banana that weighs about 80 g, which means about 66 Kcal.

That 66 Kcal is below the 75 Kcal attributed to an apple, whose weight is approximately 150 g. So there is no reason to cross bananas off the shopping list, and there are many reasons to include them.

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