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Magnetic Mask: The Beauty Trend That Comes Back Stomping

Magnetic mask

Mask: This product leaves the skin super clean, smooth, and radiant, and it is much more fun to use than the masks of a lifetime. We tell you what it is and how it works.

I love facial masks. If I notice that my skin is dry and needs a nourishment shot, I put on a hydrating mask; To hide the pores, I use a purifier and the night masks are my favorites because they brighten the skin and are perfect if you have an important event the next day.

Ah! And I can’t live without the tissue masks that are triumphing among influencers, of course.

I know, my thing with this beauty product is a true love story. And you know what? I have discovered a type of mask that has me obsessed: the famous magnetic cover sweeping Instagram.

Not that it is a new product but look, I have not tried it until now and, what do you want me to tell you, now I can’t stop using it!

Magnetic mask

You have probably heard of this product, but do you know how it works and what it can do for your skin? The magnetic mask is an invention of the K-beauty, Korean cosmetics, and is one of the most effective treatments for cleaning the skin and fighting the signs of aging thoroughly.

It is applied the same as other masks, but it is not removed with water but with a magnet. Yes, yes, you read correctly, with a magnet! It contains iron particles that create a microcurrent when using a magnet.

By connecting with the iron particles of the product, this magnet creates a force that is responsible for removing the mask, dragging toxins from the skin with it.

Can’t you see it? Look at this video and find out how it works, you’re going to be amazed!. If you want to try, a magnetic mask takes a look at these products that I have selected and chosen yours. They will surprise you!

1. With aloe vera

The Princess has spent years democratizing the universe of beauty with a luxury cosmetic proposal at affordable prices. Your last hit? This magnetic mask.

It contains aloe vera, a regenerating and antioxidant component, and other natural ingredients, such as sunflower oil, marigold, jojoba oil, or vitamin C. It is available from Primor.

Aloe Vera Mask

2. Moisturizes the skin

If you have oily and dehydrated skin, check out this Payot magnetic mask that contains shea butter, an ingredient that deeply hydrates the skin.

3. With argan oil

This magnetic mask contains argan oil, an ingredient that soothes irritated skin, deeply hydrates, blurs scars, and treats blemishes. Furthermore, this mask contains neither parabens nor sulfates.

4. For blackheads

We love the W7 brand for its low-cost makeup products, but we also declare ourselves fans of its cosmetics and even more of this magnetic mask: blur pores and blackheads in record time.

5. To brighten the skin.

If what you want is to give an extra luminosity to the skin, get this mask. Deeply cleanses and leaves an irresistible glowy touch on the skin.


6. For stressed skin

This mask is a perfect option if you see that your skin is stressed (something ubiquitous after quarantine). Smoothes wrinkles and blurs fine lines.

7. With mud from the Dead Sea

This exfoliating, cleansing, and detoxifying ingredient will leave your skin super smooth and soft. It will improve the elasticity and hydration of the complexion and will stimulate the defense against free radicals.

A while ago, since we told you more about this magnetic mask that triumphed on Amazon, and to this day, it continues to do so!

8. Anti-wrinkle micro-magnetic mask

And we end this gallery of magnetic masks with one, a little different. This in Collistar tissue format – it is for single use – contains micro-magnets that activate skin stimulation and skin regeneration, favoring the elimination of toxins.

Redensifies, the skin, refines wrinkles, reduces signs of fatigue and fights bags, and dark circles. Can you ask for something more? The truth is, no. It contains collagen, but you also have it available with hyaluronic acid.

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