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What is The Best Time to Play Sports and Burn More Fat?

best time to play sports

Do you usually play sports in the morning? Or are you later? Night? Discover the sales and drawbacks of each time slot.

Before confinement, he did sports in the only gap during the day that he could –generally at night–, after finishing work. But in recent months, by spending more time at home, I have tried to be as active as possible, not just at night.

And then I started to think: will there be an ideal time to play sports? Is it better to exercise in the morning? Or better in the afternoon? Or maybe he was doing well and burning more at night?

To solve all these doubts and make the most of my sporting time, I contacted Júlia Ndocky Ribas, personal and technical trainer of the Physical Activity Division of the Metropolitan gyms. Keep reading!

woman play sports

1. Is there a perfect time to exercise and burn more fat?

The short answer? A “depends.” And there are many factors to consider. “The first thing we must clarify is that it is difficult to generalize since the best time to train will depend on each person and their metabolism,” explains Júlia.

“What determines the ideal moment for each person will depend on their biological rhythm, which is influenced by blood pressure, body temperature, hormone level, and heart rate,” he adds and clarifies that each time slot has its advantages.

2. The benefits of play sports in the morning

“If you like training in the morning or it is the time of the day when you have the most energy, you should know that there are some studies that ensure that training in the morning, and on an empty stomach, helps accelerate weight loss and increase levels of energy preparing the body for a day to burn fat, “says the expert.

He adds that if we do not like to get up early, we can train mid-morning since it is an ideal time to build muscles (it is the time when blood testosterone levels are highest).

“Training in the morning will help you take advantage of more sunlight, something that is key to establishing your body’s internal circadian rhythm.

Starting the day with physical exercise could help you not give up, since later you can carry out your routine of the day with the physical activity done, without unforeseen events that make you cancel it, “he clarifies.

Of course, the expert reminds us that if we train early in the day, we have to make a proper warm-up before forcing the muscles and tendons, since the body is naturally colder and prone to injury.

best time to play sports and burn fat

3. The more benefits of doing sports in the afternoon

Some say that the afternoon is the best time, and according to Júlia Ndocky Ribas, at around 5 pm, it could be an ideal time. Why? “Body temperature is at its highest point.

This makes oxygen consumption lower and, consequently, activity is more efficient. Of course, this would apply to people who wake up around 7 in the morning, and they go to bed at 11 at night, approximately “. Explain.

4. The benefits of doing sports at night (Play Sports)

“Although there are those who say that training at night can affect sleep since it is an activity that overexcites us, there are studies that confirm the opposite,” highlights the coach, adding that training at night has effects that favor rest and sound sleep.

Of course, it stands out that we must take into account at least an hour to pass from the end of the sports activity to bedtime if we are going to train at night.

“When less than that time elapses, then the sleep onset latency, as well as the quality and a total number of hours of sleep, are affected,” he concludes.

Once you have read the benefits of each time slot, it depends on you, your body and how you feel at each moment, and choose the time of day you do best in sports.

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