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Homemade Tricks To Remove Dark Circles And Eye Bags

Homemade Tricks To Remove Dark Circles And Eye Bags

Dark circles and eye bags are a concern for many women. And although there are hundreds of products and beauty treatments that can help you eliminate them, we want to talk about home remedies, easy, cheap, and useful.

Removing the dark circles and eye bags entirely is not easy, but you can improve their appearance. The eye contour area has very light and sensitive skin, making it more prone to wrinkles, dark circles, and bags.

Also, the eye area is the first area to show signs of tiredness, stress, and lack of sleep. The cold or chamomile will help you decongest your eyes in minutes.

Although there are people who have dark circles and eye bags by inheritance or by their countenance, in many other cases, these are the product of little sleep or bad habits.

Allergies, having thin skin, a diet rich in salt, age, the sun, and even mobile phones and other screens can also make dark circles and eye bags end up with an attractive look.

Dark Circles and Eye Bags or Eye Patches

1. A little cold to decongest (Dark Circles)

The cold helps to reduce eye puffiness effectively. Laura Granados, head of wellness at Spirit SkinBar recommends keeping eye contour treatments in the refrigerator, to increase their decongestant effect.

When you wake up with dark circles and heavily marked bags, apply eyeglasses before treatment—numbing effect gel for 10 minutes.

You can also use a few spoons. Put the two teaspoons in the freezer for a few minutes, and then put them over your eyes.

2. An infusion of chamomile

Chamomile is a medicinal plant with excellent properties. In addition to being useful for digestion, it is calming and anti-inflammatory, so it is another one of the home tricks that can eliminate dark circles and bags.

To use it, prepare an infusion of chamomile, and when it is cold, impregnate two cotton discs that you must place for 15 minutes on the eyes.

3. Sweet almond oil (Dark Circles)

The primary use of natural oils in cosmetics is becoming more common due to its excellent properties.

In the case of almond oil, it stands out for its hydration capacity and is rich in vitamins A, B and E. It is an oil that is quickly absorbed, without clogging the pores.

Almond oil can help you improve dark circles, thanks to vitamin E, in addition to hydrating the delicate skin around the eyes, delaying the appearance of crow’s feet.

You only need a drop that you must put on the ring finger and massage around the eyes before sleeping. Remember before removing any trace of makeup.

In a few weeks, you will notice that your eyes appear better, younger, without the dark circles so marked and with fewer bags.

4. Cucumber slices, a classic dark circles

Cucumber slices, a classic dark circles

Its high content of water, vitamin E, and essential oils make it an ally with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory powers.

Cucumber calms skin, reduces inflammation, and fights dryness, so it’s perfect for removing dark circles and bags.

To apply, it must be cold, so put it in the freezer for a while, without freezing it. Well washed, cut a couple of slices, and apply them over your eyes with clean skin.

To notice its effects, you must stay for about 15 minutes, and change the slices as they heat up.

5. Watch what you eat

The cosmetic specialists, tells us that sometimes dark circles can be caused by a lack of iron, so it is advisable to eat red meats, leafy vegetables, citrus, and egg yolks to return to the recommended iron levels.

If the eye bags are only when we get up, it is about fluid retention, so avoiding salt intake will help reduce them.

You can also incorporate draining infusions to mitigate the eye bags.

6. The tricks of makeup artists

Makeup is our ally to hide eye bags and dark circles, but before applying it, it is convenient to treat the area, when it is very congested.

Makeup artists recommend getting a good eye drop that decongests, calms and hydrates. The most important thing is the massage to eliminate fluid retention in the area.

I like to apply two or three drops of Hydratouch Oil Primer, which is for the face, but due to its delicacy and softness, it can be used in the eyelid and dark circles area. Eye socket.

Antonio Serrano, the official makeup artist of Shiseido Spain, applies the eye contour with the Daiya Fude brush, so that the cream penetrates better, thus helping to improve circulation and drain.

When there are very dark or pronounced dark circles, the way to correct it quickly is to apply a little green concealer before applying the skin-colored concealer.

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