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How to Make a Prize Potato Omelet

Make a Prize Potato Omelet

If you still can’t resist the Spanish omelet, try our step by step. It does not fail!

1. Omelet

Making a prize potato omelet is not as difficult as it may seem at first. You have to follow the following steps and to succeed!

A very nutritious dish based on eggs and potatoes can be used to make a complete meal if you combine it with vegetables, for example, with a salad. And, of course, suitable for vegetarian diets.

2. Peel and cut the potatoes- omelet

Peel and cut the potatoes

Start by choosing potatoes with yellow skin and white flesh; on the contrary, avoid the very floury ones. Peel them and cut them into thin slices for a flat tortilla, or in small squares if you want a thicker tortilla.

You can also add the onion. Chop it very finely so that it gives it flavor, but does not show when chewing it.

3. Mix the potatoes with the egg

Fry the potatoes and onion in plenty of hot, but not steaming oil or the vegetables will over-brown. Let them cook over low heat until soft.

Drain them well and, when they have cooled a bit, add them to the beaten eggs. Salt and pepper and let the mixture rest.

potatoes with the egg

4. Cut it in a nonstick skillet- omelet

Put a thread of oil in a nonstick skillet. When it’s hot, add the potato and egg mixture. If you want it well done, lower the heat and let it set slowly inside without burning on the outside.

If you prefer it rare, cook it over high heat until it is golden brown on the outside and raw on the inside. To flip, top with a pan-sized plate or a turntable and turn quickly.

If there is a long-suffering and versatile dish in the kitchen, it is the potato omelet, one of the symbols of Spanish gastronomy.

a nonstick skillet

It fits at all hours. You can eat it both freshly made and cold, and in infinite ways: on the plate, in a container, on a skewer, in a sandwich.

However, many people have respect to go into the kitchen to make it and often end up throwing away the pre-cooked potato tortillas that they sell everywhere.

A very dignified and practical option to get out of trouble, but let’s not kid ourselves nothing to do with an authentic homemade tortilla, made with care, and to your liking.

It is a pity because the truth is that it is not as difficult to prepare as it first seems. You have to follow the simple steps that we show you in the gallery and test passed! Premium potato omelet and ready to taste.

5. An Inexpensive And Complete Dish

In addition to being very versatile, the potato omelet is a very economical and nutritious recipe thanks to the power of the egg proteins together with the energy of the carbohydrates of the potatoes.

So it works perfectly as a complete meal if you combine it with vegetables. For example, accompanied by a little lettuce and tomato salad, a ratatouille or some roasted vegetables, wild asparagus, grilled zucchini, And of course, it is suitable for vegetarian diets.

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