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10 Healthy, Delicious and Easy Dinners

Easy Dinners

We have compiled all these recipes so that you do not lack ideas when preparing healthy dinners. All recipes are simple, and in many cases, the ingredients are interchangeable to suit what you have in the fridge and pantry.

1. Cream of green beans with shrimp

It is a variation of the classic sauteed beans with shrimp but with the “camouflaged” vegetables so that it goes more unnoticed and enters more easily.

Also, as it can also be taken cold, it fits in any time of the year. And the detail of the prawns gives it a sophisticated touch. See the recipe step by step.

STAR INGREDIENT: Green beans, like green leafy vegetables, are rich in magnesium, a mineral that regulates the absorption and assimilation of calcium.

2. Salmon with vegetables in its juice

Salmon with vegetables in its juice

In a papillote or a silicone case, cook salmon loins accompanied by wild asparagus, broccoli sprigs, and cherry tomatoes. You can also do it in a baking dish, covered with aluminum foil or sulfurized.

STAR INGREDIENT: Between 30 and 60 g per day of bluefish, such as salmon, meet the needs of omega 3. These fatty acids help keep the mind agile and heart-healthy.

3. Vegetable lasagna light (Healthy Dinners)

Our version of the vegetable lasagna is 200 calories less than a lifetime but just as complete. To achieve this, we dispense with the meat and the sauce and, instead, we put only vegetables and mushrooms, which are very satiating.

And for the bechamel, we put skim milk, in addition to reducing the flour and oil to a minimum. See the recipe step by step.

STAR INGREDIENT: Mushrooms are one of the most antioxidant foods, and highlights their contribution of selenium, with anticancer properties.

4. Roasted rabbit with potatoes

In a refractory dish, place some potatoes sauteed with onion and garlic, and on top of pieces of rabbit—season with oil, salt, pepper, paprika and a sprig of rosemary. And bake about 30 minutes in the oven preheated to 180º.

STAR INGREDIENT: White meats, and especially rabbits, are low in fat and easily digestible, just like potatoes. If you suffer from heavy digestions, this dish will be fabulous.

5. Scrambled eggs with asparagus and mushrooms

Scrambled eggs with asparagus and mushrooms

Saute some boiled wild asparagus (you can also do it with the raw asparagus if you like al dente) along with mushrooms, and add a beaten egg and stir. A complete, satiating, and diuretic recipe.

STAR INGREDIENT: Asparginic acid from asparagus provides diuretic properties, although it is not suitable for people with kidney problems. If you cook them, the tips need less time.

6. Broccoli and potato gratin

First, boil or steam peeled potato and broccoli sprigs. Then, please place them in a baking dish, cover with a light bechamel sauce (with skimmed milk), and gratin.

STAR INGREDIENT: Broccoli, in addition to providing a large amount of calcium and other minerals, is an antioxidant and a good source of vitamin K, necessary to fix calcium to the bones.

7. Brown Rice With Vegetables (Healthy Dinners)

We love this rice because it is delicious, easy, cheap, and has 220 calories. Also, since it only has rice, vegetables, and nuts, it works as a single dish.

It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans since it does not have any ingredients of animal origin. See the recipe step by step.

STAR INGREDIENT: Brown rice preserves vitamin E and group B vitamins. The latter are involved in cell renewal processes and contribute to less wrinkled skin.

Sauteed fish with pepper and mushrooms (Healthy Dinners)

8. Sauteed fish with pepper and mushrooms

To do this, you have to sauté a few strips of green peppers with mushrooms, and then add a few cubes of fish to the grill or steamed.

STAR INGREDIENT: Mushrooms are one of the foods with the highest number of antioxidants, and among them stands out their contribution of selenium, with proven anti-cancer properties.

9. Egg with potatoes and paprika (Healthy Dinners)

Combining the egg’s energetic power with the satiety of the potato and the antioxidant of the pepper makes this recipe an ideal 3 in 1 when you get to dinner starving. See the recipe step by step.

STAR INGREDIENT: Potatoes provide a large number of vitamins C and group B, as well as minerals. And if they are cooked or baked in this dish, they are not as caloric as is believed to be only 80 cal. Per 100 g.

Egg with potatoes and paprika - Healthy Dinners

10. Vegetable omelet (Egg omelet)

Saute the vegetables you have on hand in the fridge, drain them to remove excess liquid, mix them with beaten egg and curdle in a non-stick frying pan as you do with the potato omelet. And if you are not good at making tortillas, try our step by step to create an award-winning egg.

STAR INGREDIENT: The egg provides you with proteins of high biological value, and it also satiates you for much longer.

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