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Pipirrana With Boiled Egg

Pipirrana With Boiled Egg

A very economical, light, and refreshing combination of onion, cucumber, pepper, and tomato, which, served on a timbale and accompanied by boiled egg, becomes a real feast for the senses.

1. How to prevent it from falling apart

Your timbale of pipirarra with cooked egg does not break when you remove the kitchen ring, press the layers of each vegetable well before moving on to making the next one.

And above all, do not forget to mount each timpani on top of the plate on which you will serve it.

Prepare the vegetables

2. Prepare the vegetables-Egg

Peel the onions and cut them into squares. Wash the pepper and cucumber. Make some thin cucumber slices and set aside for garnish.

Chop the rest and bell pepper the same size as the onions. On the other hand, wash and cut the tomatoes into thin slices.

3. Make the eggs and the vinaigrette

Crush seven mint leaves, washed and dried, with 50 ml of oil. Then add the remaining oil with a pinch of salt, pepper and a few drops of vinegar.

On the other hand, boil the eggs 6 min in salted water. Take out and cool in a bowl with water and ice. And peel carefully.

Make the eggs

4. Ride the timpani-Egg

Arrange the vegetables in layers in a ring: one with bell pepper, one with cucumber and onion, and top with a tomato slice.

Pour part the vinaigrette, remove the ring and repeat until all four timpani is formed. Place cucumber slices and an egg on top of each water with vinaigrette and garnish with mint.

5. Ingredients

  • Four eggs
  • One large red pepper
  • Two tomatoes
  • One cucumber
  • Two young onions
  • 100 ml olive oil
  • Salt
  • White pepper
  • White wine vinegar
  • Fresh mint

Types Of Boiled Eggs

Pipirrana is the classic, tiny cut onion, cucumber, pepper, and tomato salad that is eaten in many areas of the southern peninsula as an accompaniment to fish, gazpachos, and salmorejos.

A very inexpensive, light, and refreshing dish served on the timbale and accompanied by boiled egg, becomes a genuinely nutritious and ideal feast when dieting. Following our simple step-by-step gallery, you will have no doubts about doing it.

6. Types Of Boiled Eggs

The effect of heat curdles the egg proteins. Boiling an egg in its shell is a necessary and healthy way to prepare it. Water, salt, and temperature are enough.

Very high temperature makes the white gummy, so you should cook them a little below 100 degrees over low heat and without sudden movements of break the shell.

It is introduced in cold water with salt and, after the first boil, it cooks the time it requires according to the taste and the desired effect:

A Ring To Make The Timpani

Eggs coke:2-3 minute semi-liquid consistency. These are eaten with a spoon.

They were passed by water:3-5 minutes bright solid exterior, white interior, and hot bud. They are eaten with a spoon.

Mollet: 5-6 minutes. Cooked egg white and semi-liquid yolk. They are carefully peeled, do not break.

Hard: 9-12 minutes. Solid and tender, with the bud centered. To peel well, they are immersed in cold water after cooking. It is also possible to steam or between the coals of a fire.

7. And If You Don’t Have A Ring To Make The Timpani

canned food

If you don’t have a conventional kitchen hoop, don’t despair. There are three straightforward ways to make a homemade hoop yourself:

a. With a bottle of water

You calculate the height you need and, with the help of a knife or scissors, cut what is above and below.

b. With a can of canned food

For example, one pound crushed tomato and one cocoa powder. You can remove the bottom of the box using the same can opener that you used to open the top.

c. With a tetra brick-Egg

Ideal for square or rectangular shapes. You just have to cut it above and below to the height you need to present your dish.

They don’t wash them thoroughly before reusing them as rings, being very careful not hurt yourself with the edge of the can.

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