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Fashion Trends Fall / Winter [2020-2021] That Can Not Miss in Your Wardrobe

Fashion Trends Fall / Winter

Although we are still choosing the swimsuit for this summer, at CLARA, we like to be well informed, and we want to send you the trends emerging as winners for the next season. Which one are you going to choose?

Fashion is a renewal. Although we are still immersed in achieving the most flattering looks for this summer, we have not been able to resist taking a look at the collections that the designers have proposed to wear next winter.

Among all that we have found – we could make a fashion bible of a thousand pages – we have decided on the ten trends that we believe are easier to replicate and carry, because, to fool us, many times the catwalk styles are made more for suffer them than to live them.

1. White colour

The catwalks have spoken, and we see that the fashion to wear white in winter was not the flower of the day. If in last year’s sales you dared to invest in a coat or sweater of this snowy colour, congratulations! This season you can wear it, and you will continue to be the most modern.

2. Vests

Priyanka Chopra Chocolate Truffle Hair

Whether your style is dandy, bohemian, or even eighties, there is a special vest for you. The tight-fitting will do the hourglass silhouettes very well, and the oversize ones work wonders with an apple type. It’s a resounding yes to our new wardrobe!

3. To teach leg

The midi pencil skirts are beautiful, but they still have a classic air that is solved with a stroke of the pen with a good opening. If you still have a straight mid-calf skirt in your closet – which you didn’t take advantage of because your thing isn’t walking like a Geisha – give it a good snip and show off your style this Fall / Winter.

4. Maxi minimalist coat

A long coat – very long – but with fewer details is what your wardrobe needs in the face of the cold. Choose it with or without buttons, but yes, a quality cloth to guarantee an elegant and sophisticated look.

The only extravagance allowed is to go out of the classic camel or black and go for shades that can be quite striking, like Alberta Ferretti’s almost fuchsia.

5. Super cleavage



The temperature drops will not impede the deep necklines to triumph in the autumn. If you are looking for a striking outfit for a special celebration, do not hesitate to get a minimalist dress but with a V-neckline, which also helps stylize the silhouette. Ideal for short!

6. Bohemian airs

Ponchos, fur coats, flowery dresses, knitted coats … This casual but very chic style has us in love, and we can’t be happier to wear it this winter. Choose it in garments with comfortable fabrics and impeccable finishes, almost luxurious, so that they do not have a careless hippy look but elegant and chic.

7. The hunter

The jacket will take on a particular role among our outerwear next winter. With a marked eighties accent with large shoulder pads, our favourite is undoubtedly the aviator style, in the purest Top Gun style –which incidentally returns this summer with the second part of the film–. Will Tom Cruise’s jackets still look just as good 34 years later?

8. The white-collar

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With an air between child and schoolboy, the white-collar is one of those details that will give your look an air of fashion insider this season. You can improvise it very quickly with things you have in your wardrobe; just put on a closed neck sweater over a white shirt. Total success!

9. Maxi point

Warm, warm … This is how you will go this winter with the chunky and comfy knitwear that will invade the windows. Bet on oversized dresses or mega chunky sweaters, and don’t forget your heels if you want to look more stylized and not add more sizes.

10. Drop the tie

If you are only going to buy a shirt this fall, the only requirement is to have a digital shirt printing, making a fashion statement with self-designed catchy phrases. You can add a bow as It is the crucial piece to transform your looks into something on-trend. Blazers, jeans, tailor suits: All this you already have in your wardrobe will look much more trendy if you combine it with this type of shirt.


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