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4 Beauty Treatments That Can Enhance Your Lips

4 Beauty Treatments That Can Enhance Your Lips

You’re tired of overlining your lips with makeup. You don’t want to use an optical illusion to make your lips look bigger — you want to make them bigger. So, how can you do that? Here are four ways that you can enhance your lips:

1. Dermal Fillers

You can enhance the shape and size of lips using a dermal filler. What’s a dermal filler? A dermal filler is an injectable object that sits below the skin, mimicking the look and feel of natural tissue. When a patient wants to amplify their pout, the filler is injected into and around the lips.

If you’re interested in getting a lip augmentation with the help of dermal fillers, go to a world-class med-spa. You’ll want to have trained medical professionals handling your injections.

2. Botox

Botox is another injectable that can enhance the look of your lips. Botox is not a dermal filler — it’s a neuromodulator. Neuromodulators block the signals sent between the nerves and the muscles, which makes them contract. This is why Botox is so good at smoothing out forehead wrinkles, softening chin dimples, and lifting eyebrows.

How does it help with lips? By including Botox into the orbicularis oris muscle (the muscle surrounding the lips), you force it to relax. When it’s settled, the upper lip flips slightly upward, giving the illusion of bigger lips without having to add any volume. A lip flip treatment can do more than help people who want a subtly fuller pout. It can also correct gummy smiles by stopping the lips from pulling too far upward.

Where can you get this treatment? You can go to this clinic to get Botox in Oakville for your lip flip, along with any related services for wrinkles, fine lines, and dimples. The clinic is the best place to get Botox in Toronto and the GTA. You can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands during your appointment.

Beauty Treatments That Can Enhance Your Lips

3. Lip Threading

Lip threading is another way that you can enhance your lips. A lip thread lift is used to add definition to the overall shape of the lips and accentuate the cupid’s bow on top. It can also smooth out vertical lines along the lips caused by smoking, sun damage, and aging.

How does it work? A professional inserts small dissolvable threads into puncture holes at the corners of the mouth. The lines encourage your skin to produce more collagen, which adds fullness to the area and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

4. Lip-Plumping Products

One of the simplest ways to enhance the look of your lips is to get a lip-plumping gloss.

A lot of lip-plumping products contain irritants that will make the lips swell. These irritants include menthol, cinnamon, capsicum, and even bee venom. Using an annoyance to perfect your pout can backfire, especially when you have sensitive skin. Irritants can make your lips dry, itchy, and chapped.

To keep your lips healthy, you should look for formulas that have hyaluronic acid — this is the same substance found in many lip fillers. It will moisturize and plump your lips without any irritation.

Store-bought lip-plumping products yield subtle results. So, if you want a noticeable and long-lasting transformation, you should look into a solution like fillers, Botox, or thread lifts.

Bigger, softer lips are easily within reach. You can opt for any of these beauty treatments and get the look that you’ve always wanted.

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