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The Lowest Maintenance Bob Haircut Will be a Trend in Summer

Bob Haircut Will be a Trend

The most flirtatious and dominant update of the famous bob, the top hair trend of 2020, is the coolest, easy to style, and will avoid going to the hairdresser all summer. Bob’s haircut will be a trend.

The bob remains unrivaled when it comes to haircuts in this Spring / Summer 2020 and is that its versatility knows no limits. It is a haircut that adapts to all types of faces, hair types, hairstyles … And it is also comfortable, relaxed, and easy to comb, three essential of the perfect haircut for summer.

Its summer version is flush with the jaw -if you want it with many personalities- and with the tips wholly broken and out of date.

the hairdresser all summer

In addition to being groundbreaking, this technique will make its maintenance in the hairdressing salon the minimum, and we can be all summer without touch-ups and always with that refreshing aspect of the tips. It is like giving a more extreme, but not less flirtatious, air to the famous blunt bob.

Do you remember when we talk about the ‘jagged bob’ mane as the perfect one for summer? Well, the essence is the same: An ‘ode to the tranquil’ but with stylish and sophisticated winks, a cool hairstyle and very easy to maintain for the hot months, which we can also comb in 5 minutes and if it is curled by having the sea nearby We do not care!

In summer, we look for low maintenance hair colors and cuts to be perfect without necessarily having to go to the salon every three or four weeks, and of all the options, the broken bob is the option with more force.

asymmetrical cut

The best thing is that being versatile, the hairdresser will give you the ideal shape and length according to our features and allows you to experiment with countless styles within its very essence: asymmetrical cut and ragged ends with a messy look. We can also add a fringe, and it will look great.

It is a hairstyle that we can comb smooth with the help of irons or a dryer, curl or wave with the help of tweezers, but it is also ideal for drying with the help of a dryer and giving a bit of texture to the ends.

It is an ideal cut for women with beautiful hair who want more volume but so democratic that with invisible layers, it is also perfectly adaptable for thicker hair.

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