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3 Breathing Techniques To Relax Before Bed

Breathing Techniques

Breathing Techniques: Learning breathing techniques help you relax, and they’re perfect to practice before bed. We show you how in 3 steps, you can relax your body and mind to sleep better.

1. Stretch Out and Start to Relieve Tension

With your hands clasped, stand on tiptoe and raise your arms toward the ceiling. Breathe slowly, opening your chest wide when you breathe in and then release the air as if you were blowing very slowly.

Take a complete breath and lower your arms at the moment of releasing the air and end up supporting your heels.

2. Free the Lungs

Sitting in a chair, place your hands on the solar plexus, inhale deeply, and, as you exhale, apply gentle pressure on your ribs while leaning your body forward.

You will be helping to remove the air altogether. Return to the starting position and repeat 3 times.

Breathing Techniques

3. Open the Diaphragm to the Maximum

On your knees, sitting on your heels, lean back and place your hands with your fingers’ tips towards your feet. Take a deep breath bringing the air to the lower part of the lungs and releasing the air projects the chest forward.

4. How to Relax and Sleep Better

The secret to effective, relaxing breathing is deep breathing. The secret? It is none other than working the diaphragm.

If you exercise it, it will improve your breathing capacity, release tension, change your posture.

5. Benefits of Breathing Better

The thoracic diaphragm is one of the most critical muscles in the body and yet one of the most forgotten.

good entrance of light

Be aware that if you are out of shape (with limited movements), your breathing becomes weak, the spine tends to hunch, and the back muscles tighten.

On the contrary, if you work on it, you will expand your respiratory capacity, which will allow an adequate intake of oxygen.

And a well-oxygenated organism works better and makes you less sick.

You reduce stress

Correct breathing also reduces stress, both mental and emotional.

To enhance this effect, try to exercise outdoors, in a natural environment, or a room with a good entrance of light and white or blue, the most relaxing tones.

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