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Five Gel Products That Will Help You Define Your Curls

Help You Define Your Curls

If you have curly hair, you will already know that all the loop gels are not the same, so I have selected the best ones because they leave the curl defined, soft, without weighing it down and without that crunchy effect.

After many years fighting against my curls (accompanied on all sides by the plates ), I have planted myself. It has been so long since I have brought my hair back to life that new people who know me are surprised when I tell them that my hair is curly and dark (at the moment, I do not want to give up baby highlights ) and I am barely able to remember what my curly hair was like.

colored hair

In this process, and after reading a lot in the last months about how to recover the curl, I have concluded that I want to return to what it was: to my wavy hair, to let it air dry without depending on irons, brush, dryer, and keratin.

Of all the products I used in the past and masks for dry and colored hair, there is one product I always trust to keep my curls at bay: curly hair gels.

From here, if whoever invented them is reading me, I can only thank you. There are days that, although the humidity in the environment is barely appreciated, my hair detects it quickly, and not having the defined curl bothers me.

Of course, as not all gels for curly hair are the same, I have selected the ones that work best for me, leaving hair soft, without weighing it down and without that crunchy effect that I detest so much.

The only things that crunches are the fries that we had with the beer at the beach bar and the bread from the toast in the morning!

1. Defined but natural curls

With a 100% vegan, sulfate-free, gluten-free, silicone-free, animal cruelty-free formulation, Devacurl’s Ultradefining gel fights frizz and leaves the most defined curls looking natural and smooth.

2. Forget about the caked curl

caked curl

Based on vegetable and essential oils, the Cocunat Curl Booster leaves the curl well defined but not matted, as other curly hair products do that prevents frizz.

3. Vegan and ‘made in Spain’

The Rules Styling Curl Gel, a Spanish brand, 100% natural, vegan, and tested only on humans, promises defined and perfect curls for days. With aloe vera and avocado oil, it has an unmistakable citrus scent.

4. Spring water-based

The curls have to be shiny; they are also hydrated with the best ingredients, and Herbal Curl Activating Gel is made with natural ingredients and spring water.

5. A gel but in spray

Redken Curvaceous Spray Curls is not a gel in use, and it is a spray gel. Based on Curl Memory Complex and moringa oil, it marks curls and leaves them shiny.

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