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9 Things You Still Don’t Know About Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are the number 1 enemy of our skin (only surpassed perhaps by cellulite), but there are many reasons to accept them and live happily with them.

Stretch marks are one of the skin “imperfections” that we are most afraid of, only perhaps surpassed by cellulite. But, alas, friends, we must forget about complexes, because they are much more common than we think.

No, we do not have only us, the celebrities, those who always look great on covers and social networks, they are HUMAN, and they also have.

There is nothing to be ashamed of! And they are something super familiar that practically no one gets rid of (exactly like cellulite).

They are part of the natural evolution of our body, and when you read the curiosities about them that we have discovered below, you will think the same as us, if you do not already.

1. Everything you need to know about stretch marks

a. Stretch marks are scars

They are produced by a breakdown of the collagen of the skin that occurs in the most superficial layer, so they do not become open wounds.

b. There are red and white striae


Its color reveals the time they have. If they are reddish, it is that they have not appeared for a long time. When they are “healing,” they turn white, which they carry enough with us.

c. Stretch marks cannot be prevented

There is no scientific evidence that anti-stretch mark creams are more effective than avoiding non-specific moisturizers in preventing them, but they can improve their appearance.

It is true that if we have hydrated and elastic skin, it is more difficult for them to appear, but their presence is often due solely to genetic factors. However, if when we want to lose weight, we do it gradually, we will also reduce the chances of them coming out.

d. Stretch marks can appear at any time of life

When there is faster growth, and pregnancy when you gain weight in a short time, adolescence is critical moments in the appearance of stretch marks, but they can come out at any time in our lives.

e.Stretch  marks can come out on any part of the body

Often, we think that we can only have them on the butt and, at most, on the belly after pregnancy. But in reality, stretch marks can appear anywhere on the skin.

It is also reasonable to see them on the breasts or arms, and there are even those who have them on their faces.

f. Stretch marks are not just for women

Magnetic mask

Not at all, many men have them and, also, in places that may seem unusual such as the knees or hips. They appear to them, especially in adolescence.

g. Stretch marks usually appear more in multiple pr egnancies

When there is more than one baby in the womb, the skin has to stretch even more, so the probability of having stretch marks also multiplies.

However, no pregnancy is a sure guarantee that they will make an appearance. As we have already said, genetics is decisive in this case.

h. Stretch marks can be erased

But not with creams, or at least not entirely. To get rid of stretch marks, we must undergo specific aesthetic treatments such as radiofrequency or pressotherapy.

i. There is no need to hide them

It is more and more frequent to see campaigns of different brands, models, influencers, and celebrities who wear their stretch marks without any complexity. After all, they are proof that our bodies have changed and adapted to our new selves.

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