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20 Pretty Ideas to Assemble The Ideal Receiver (Virus Proof)

The Ideal Receiver (virus-proof)

Besides having it tidy and decorated to your liking, it is convenient for the hall to have everything you need to leave viruses out of the house the ideal receiver (Virus Proof).

With the coronavirus pandemic, the receiver has gone from being the great forgotten person to occupying a special place.

And it is that according to the hygienic recommendations of the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when you get home, you have to take off your shoes, keep them near the door and leave here also the objects that we take to the street.

Keys, wallet, bags, jackets … Well, to comply with the recommendations of the health authorities, whether you have a large hall or a small or nonexistent one, we have looked for the best solutions to get the most out of it.

1. In the smallest space

the smallest space

As you can see, even if you do not have space, you can improvise a hall in the entrance hall with hanging shelves, and coat racks at different heights such as these from  Ikea, or take advantage of the corners next to the door with drawers or shoe racks.

But yes, while the coronavirus crisis lasts, it dispenses with the entrance mats since they can accumulate viruses and other germs.

2. Boxes to leave things (Virus Proof)

Another infallible trick is to leave a box or some container next to the door to leave things that come from the street.

This is what the professional organizer Alicia Iglesias proposes to us, the promoter of the 21 days method to organize your house and your life.

“In the times in which we live, we have to readjust our entrance,” he tells us as he shows us the box where he leaves the purse, the keys, the shopping bag, sprayer for the wheels of the skates and knobs, disposable papers to clean and gel or spray hand cleaner to carry in your pocket.

3. Room for shoes

Hanger + shoe rack

In addition to being recommended now by the health authorities, keeping shoes in the hall is ideal when ordering shoes.

And even if you do not have much room, some narrow models can be placed in the hallway like this shoe rack from Ikea, which also has a shelf and a drawer to leave the keys, purses, or even masks.

4. Boards to leave objects (Virus Proof)

Another possibility when you do not know where to leave the keys or even the masks is to install wallboard like this one from Ikea and add accessories to store and hang what you have to go at the entrance.

5. Hanger + shoe rack

With this SoBuy kit consisting of a shelf with hangers plus a bench with a shoe rack and drawers on the side under the seat, you can have all the sanitary recommendations solved: leave shoes, jackets, and street objects entrance.

6. Coat stand with arms

To leave jackets, bags, and accessories in small hallways (or if you don’t want to pierce the wall), you can opt for a coat stand like this one made of Langria bamboo. As it has several heights, it is suitable for all types of garments.

7. Wall coat rack with arms

There are also wall-mounted coat racks with arms like these from Ikea. This way, you take advantage of the space at the top in a corridor or a corner next to the entrance.

And if you put a lower one, even the little ones can hang their things themselves.

Shelf with hangers

8. Shoemaker bench (Virus Proof)

Furniture with dual functions, such as this bench with shoe rack under Homfa, is ideal for these spaces. Besides storing footwear, it allows you to sit down to put on and take off your shoes.

9. Shoe bags

Here’s a set of 18 Maison & White Drawstring Shoe Bags with Clear Stripe to quarantine them after hitting the streets if necessary.

10. Stackable shoeboxes

If you are many at home, you can also opt for stackable boxes like this set of 8 with a transparent front from HST Mall.

11. Shelf with hangers

Another recommendation these days is to remove the masks at the entrance of the house without touching the part that is in contact with the nose and mouth and store them in paper envelopes such as a bakery or let them ventilate.

For the latter, it can be advantageous to install a shelf with hangers like this one from mDesign in the hall where, in addition to jackets, you can leave the keys or masks.

If you are not clear what type of cover you have to wear now that they are mandatory, read our guide.

mounted gel dispenser

12. Multiple wall coat rack

When there is no space next to the door, you can go for multiple hangers like Ikea, which has three swivel arms.

13. Wall-mounted gel dispenser (Virus Proof)

If you want to have the hydroalcoholic gel on hand to wash your hands before and after going to the street, you can put a dispenser such as a bathroom or a kitchen dispenser in the hall cabinet or, if you don’t have an office, place one with a wall bracket such as east of Ambrosia.

14. Cabinet with drawers and hangers

The good idea is to place a small piece of furniture with drawers next to the entrance, like this tall Ikea desk, where you can leave things when you enter, and which have had some adhesive hangers on the sides to hang the keys.

15. Expandable drawer organizer

Inside drawers, you can put desk organizers like this extendable design with dividers for objects of different sizes.

16. Shelf with drawers

Cabinet with clothes bags

One of the best solutions for receivers with little space is to put a free-standing shelf with drawers like this one from Ikea.

So you have the cupboard and drawers to leave things. And below, you can put a line of hangers, a stool to take off your shoes or some item to store your shoes.

17. Shelf with drawer

There are also smaller ones like this one from SoBuy for mini receivers.

18. Desktop organizer

If you don’t have drawers, you can put a tabletop organizer like this one from the Kingdom on the furniture or the hall shelves.

19. Storage basket

To confine objects you bring from the street, and you can put a basket like this from Ikea in the hall.

20. Cabinet with clothes bags

And if you want to comply with the sanitary recommendations for cleaning to avoid risks, you can put some container in the hall to leave all the clothes you have brought to the street as soon as they enter the house.

This one is from Lumaland, and it has two removable fabric compartments like a drawer. And being inside a  bamboo wood frame, it also serves as a shelf for leaving things.

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