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Unicorn Costume: Best Unicorn Makeup Ideas and Costumes

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The Unicorn costume is popular, especially for women and little girls. Unicorns are, without a doubt having a moment. Little children and adults alike are obsessed with mythical creatures, and it doesn’t appear like that popularity is going to wane every time soon.

So if you’re acquiring a head start on your Halloween plans, why not make your little one’s day much more exceptional this year with a DIY unicorn costume that’s certain to be the brightest amongst all the trick-or-treaters? (Or, make one for yourself!)

To assist you in getting inspired, we rounded up some DIY Halloween costumes for children and adults that you can put jointly in a small amount of time—yep, regardless if you need a last-minute Halloween costume—with materials you probably already have on hand.

1. What Do You Know About Unicorn Makeup

Unicorn makeup is one of the most famous thoughts for festive looks for young girls. That’s why we couldn’t pass by with that information. So, we made for you, dear unicorn admirers, this immense set of the best unicorn looks and makeups that we could only found on the Internet.

Unicorn makeup is something mystical and ethereal, and it is the most significant magnificence trend nowadays. Since the combination of rainbow colours is present everywhere today: hair, garments, so why avoid the makeup? There is a tremendous scope of highlighters and eye shadow palettes to assist you in achieving that magical look.

Unicorn Makeup

2. . DIY Unicorn Costume Ideas for Halloween

a. Diy Unicorn Costume Ideas for Halloween

If a hoodie appears to be excessively basic for you, we can level up with a unicorn onesie. Still, you don’t need to complicate things. I know you don’t always have on the planet to make your charming unicorn costume. So, instead of sewing a onesie from scratch, you can use a hoodie and sweatpants combo! Sew on a tutu skirt, a rainbow-coloured boa, and a horn made out of shine paper, and you’re all adequate to go!

b. Skater Unicorn Costume Idea

If you have an eternal connection with your tennis shoe and can’t leave home without them, you should go for our skater unicorn costume idea!

It’s an effortless look and one that will keep you agreeable regardless of whether if you’ve been dancing for hours at a Halloween function or proceeds the kids trick or handle for what seems to be a never-ending evening.

c. Sexy Diy Unicorn Costume

Maybe you need to show some skin and go for a sexy look? Don’t worry, I have the ideal uniform costume for you right here (it’s straightforward to make as well)!

Practically utilize a corset-like top that hugs your torso tight to show off the curves, and then put all the attention into your colourful tulle tutu! Sewing those colourful ribbons onto knee-high socks additionally adds some mystical flair.

d. Diy Rainbow Unicorn Costume

Does your child possess a ballerina leotard and a tutu skirt at home? If they do, then that will create things an entire lot simpler for you!

Turn your kid’s fantasy of being a unicorn for a day (or two) a reality by making her this DIY rainbow unicorn costume. Utilize different rainbow-coloured tulle fabric for the hair and tail!

e. Diy Unicorn Costume for Kids

Okay, so your child isn’t a ballerina. However, she does have a hoodie you can transform into a unicorn costume— we’ll take that! For this costume idea, you’ll need to utilize yarn.

Furthermore, if I may recommend, ask your child what her favourite colours are and purchase those coloured yarns. Keep in mind; kiddie Halloween costumes are all about the children, so even if the colours don’t match, do it for them!

Unicorn Costume for Kids

f. Golden Unicorn Costume

If your children are somebody who likes to be the belle of the ball or unicorn of the ball for that occurrence, then there’s no better unicorn costume idea to try than this one. Help your daughter look brilliant and sparkly! After all, it’s her time to shine.

g. Diy Unicorn Purse

Trick or Treat won’t be finished without a purse for storing all the Halloween treats you guys will collect. To retain our enchanted theme, you can likewise make this simple DIY unicorn purse utilizing duct tape.

It’s not precisely sewing, yet I believe I should remember this in our list to complete your Halloween costume from head to toe!

3. Best Unicorn Makeup Ideas

a. Unicorn Makeup Landscape

This magnum opus would be a hard look to recreate; however, it’s perfect not to try. Real artists will be able to capture the light fluffiness of these clouds, the crisp lines of the rainbow, and the extraordinary detail work of this tiny flying unicorn, yet shoot your shot anyway. In the exceptional words of Bob Ross, “We don’t commit errors, simply happy little accidents.”

b. Pastel Unicorn Makeup

The pastel and iridescent makeup are fun, indeed, yes, but the real star of this look is the believable horn. This makeup craftsman utilized.

c. Pretty Pegasus Makeup

Don’t have a horn handy? No worries! A Pegasus is such as a unicorn, but it has heavenly wings instead. For a more ethereal Halloween glance like this, go with white cat-eye makeup.

d. Rainbow Unicorn Eye Makeup

You may see at this eye makeup and instantly feel overwhelmed because you wouldn’t realize where to start, yet don’t stress, we gotcha. Slide to the right of this Halloween looks broken down into five doable steps.

e. Pretty Pegasus Makeup

Try not to have a horn convenient? No concerns! A Pegasus resembles a unicorn; however, it has heavenly wings, all things being equal. For a more ethereal Halloween, appear as though this, go with white feline eye cosmetics.

f. Unicorn Tears Makeup

No unicorn Halloween makeup look is finished without unicorn tears. This artist utilized chunky glitter from Bulk Glitters to make the shimmering under the eye since unicorns don’t cover up with concealer—they upgrade with sparkles.

g. Unicorn Eye Mask Makeup

Don’t stress if your makeup abilities are not the best. You don’t have to work at MAC to pull off a convincing Halloween unicorn. This generally brief look features eye embellishments produced from holographic paper.

Eye Mask Makeup

h. Moody Unicorn Makeup

It’d be stereotypical to suppose that all unicorns are into pastels and rainbows. This chic unicorn Halloween makeup, which includes a deep lip, a smokey eye, and gold foil details, is not what you’d look for, and that’s what makes it so ideal.

i. Simple Unicorn Makeup

Even if all you have are little rhinestones, you can create this Halloween makeup work. Adhere some on every side of your temples and along your collarbone, and you’re set. Since you have a horn, everyone will understand what you are.

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