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Tanning Accelerators, And Brunette Supplements

Tanning Accelerators

Tanning: The goal of all of them is to promote tanning, but how do they act? When should one or the other be used? And, above all, how to use them correctly and not damage the skin? Here are all the answers. Summer is here, and with it, the demands of these products increase, especially of self-tanners.

And this year even more because, after confinement, our skin is badly pale than ever, and there is no lousy help to show off-color. However, when deciding on a self-tan, tanning accelerator, or oral supplement, it is advisable to know precisely how they work, whether they protect you from the sun or have any contraindications.

Isabel Carbonell, the pharmacist and regional director of training of Pierre Fabre, explains the peculiarities of each of them.

1. Self-tanners: Sunless Brunette

Isabel Carbonell insists that the great advantage of the self-cancer is that you don’t need to expose the skin to the sun to look tanned. Hence, dermatologists and pharmacists prefer them to tanning accelerators, which do need sun exposure.

Sunless Brunette

a. How They Work

The self-tanning what it does is cause oxidation of the keratin, the protein present in the skin. This oxidation makes us optically see the tanned skin. “It’s like we dye the skin,” Isabel explains.

b. What They Contain

Autobroncers contain dihydroxyacetone, a derivative of beetroot, and sugar cane that activates the oxidation of quercetin. Some products contain other substances of this type, but dihydroxyacetone is the most common.

c. How Many Times Do You Have to Apply Them

Once the product is applied, it takes about an hour to take effect, and a single application is not enough. It is advisable to put it for 3, 4, or 5 consecutive days until you get the desired tone.

d. Precautions to Take

We have already said that self-tanning works by oxidizing keratin from the skin; therefore, in those areas where more dead skin cells accumulate, more excellent pigmentation can occur since oxidation is greater.

Elbows, knees, or heels are the areas that give the most problems in this regard. How then to make the brunette uniform and not unsightly darker welts? Isabel Carbonell explains that it is essential:

  • First, exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells.
  • Secondly, moisturize it well because the product is distributed much better on hydrated skin and helps make the result more homogeneous.

Once the moisturizer is applied, allow it to pass for a while to absorb and then use the self-tanning. Remember to clean your hands well with soap, so they are not dyed.

e. Faq

Does it interfere with tanning? The self-cancer doesn’t stop you from getting dark if you sunbathe, even if it gives you that feeling because the skin turns white again as the product contains doing the effect.

  • Does it damage the skin? This type of product does not produce any harmful dermatological effects.
  • Do you cover the pores? Other common doubts are applied to the face, but self-dancers do not clog pore or are comedogenic.
  • Which texture is best? Ideally, it is a gel texture because it allows it to be spread homogeneously on both the body and the face.
  • Do you protect from the sun? Not at all.
  • What should we focus on the label? If a self-cancer is hypoallergenic, moisturizing, and contains soothing ingredients, we will be taking even more care of our skin.

2. Tanning Accelerators: They Don’t Protect From the Sun

These types of products aim to make you dark faster… sunbathing. It is a product that generates more controversy among experts because whenever there is sun exposure, it can damage the skin.

Protect From the Sun

And the worst thing is that there are people who put it on for sunbathing and do not use sun protection, something that is very dangerous because the tanning accelerator does not have Solar Protection.

a. What They Contain

Tanning accelerators or enhancers contain antioxidant molecules such as beta-carbons or amino acids such as lutein and tyrosine.

b. How they work

In contact with the sun, these molecules stimulate melanin synthesis, so that the skin pigments faster and take less time to turn brown.

c. How They Apply

Just before sunbathing and always along with sunscreen. Also, sunscreen action does not decrease the story of the accelerator; it merely prevents you from wearing fear.

d. Are They Harmful to the Skin?

Such products based on antioxidant molecules are not in themselves harmful to the skin. The only risk is that you use them without putting on sunscreen.

Also, as we said initially, any product that entails sun exposure is already a risk to the skin, so dermatologists do not like the accelerator so much and prefer the self-tanning.

3. Take Supplements to Tan You

Nutricosmetics to protect you from the sun or oral photoprotection are, according to Isabel Carbonell, advisable for everyone if you are exposed to the sun. They don’t make you brunette anymore; what they do is take care of the skin from the inside.

How They Act

a. How They Act

They have antioxidant action; that is, they reduce the oxidation and inflammation that solar radiation produces on the skin. Some have stimulating action.

b. Your Benefit.

What they do is prevent or prevent the harmful action of free radicals on the skin.

c. What They Contain

Antioxidants like vitamin E, vitamin C, or zinc. Others include natural active ingredients such as turmeric or pomegranate, also antioxidants. Some also carry repair assets.

d. They Should Be Used With Sunscreen

The sun not only causes free radicals (due to infrared light and visible light), it also causes burns and induces skin cancer (due to UVA and UVB radiation). That’s why sunscreen must always be used.

e. How They Are Taken

They should be taken between 3 weeks and one month before sun exposure, during exposure, and also after exposure.

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