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How to Have a Perfect Summer Wedding With a Beautiful & Bold Color Scheme?

Perfect Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are all about experimenting with color, décor, and drapes. From bold reds to gleaming gold and pastels, summer weddings allow you to play with various color palettes. But if you are confused as to what color drapes you should use or what flowers would look best for a summer wedding, don’t worry! This article lists some ideas for making your summer Marathi wedding perfect with beautiful and bold color schemes.

Summer weddings are the perfect opportunity to sport the brightest and boldest colors, along with embracing the colors of the season. From red to metallic, you can have your favorite color arrangement to make your D-day memorable.

1. Red

Red is one of the most favored colors in Indian weddings. When someone finds their true love through a Marathi Matrimonial platform and decides to get married, they picture their wedding with lots of red. It is considered to be the color of passion, love, and strength.

Red adds romance and intensity to your wedding’s ambiance as it is a bold color that augments the fiery nature of summer. Red with a combination of silver or gold can help add lots of sparkle to your wedding. Right from the wedding invitations to your outfits and shoes, you can use red to make an impact.

Additionally, red also goes well with white and gold. While red and gold are bold shades, white offers a neutral and stylish finish. Incorporating red and white in your wedding attire is always a great idea. For example, a wedding arch with red roses and white chairs will make for a sophisticated wedding space.

2. Pink

Pink is one of the most accomplished colors exuding luxury. The color denotes romance, playfulness, and elegance. While a complete pink ambiance with flowers would transport you to a fairyland, it can add immense charm to your summer wedding. Pink wedding outfits have always been held high in the fashion circle. Grooms, too, can have a pink pocket square that stands out, which is a classic choice with a twist.

Perfect Summer Wedding ideas

Luscious, bright pinks and fuchsia blend very well to form a delightful and romantic setting.

If you want to host an energetic summer bash for your wedding, use a shade of hot pink and pair it with a calming blue. You can use this bold and eye-catching color from the reception’s decor to smaller details like the cocktails, napkins, among so much more.

You can also use light pink and metallic gold for a romantic and elegant ambiance. You can use the color on the stage as drapes, table cloths, and in the lounge.

Saffron and Fuschia are some of the evergreen color combinations at weddings. The attractive shades of yellow and bright pinks can create a celebratory feel and set a festive mood. A contemporary classic, this combination is widely used in Indian weddings.

3. Peacock Colours – Blue, Green, And Gold

Peacock colors are very close to Indian tradition, and they can be incorporated beautifully into your wedding theme. Right from the dresses, pandal, lights, and invitations, there are so many ways you can pair up these colors in your wedding. These shades look striking in dresses, jewelry, bouquets, and centerpieces and are sure to make a mark.

4. Multi-colored

A multi-color theme can transform your wedding into a cheerful and bright one. A summer wedding can be made more exciting with a multi-colored dress code for the guests. This color theme goes well for the Sangeet and Mehandi as well. Additionally, the lively colors look eye-catching with colorful lights. Multi-colored drapes along with similar seating arrangements for guests are effortless to create and look striking.

​5. White And Yellow

White is supposed a symbol of purity, and yellow is a bright color. One of the best combinations for a traditional Indian wedding, this color theme offers a soothing yet fresh feel for summer events. You can use yellow and white in wedding invitations, drapes, bouquets, and floral decorations.

While you can decorate the tables with white cloth, you can use yellow liners to highlight them. You can also place a yellow bouquet on the tabletops and have them stand out.

Perfect Summer Wedding With a Beautiful & Bold Color Scheme

6. Purple And White

When you’re unable to decide which color theme to choose from, opt for purple. Shades of purple paired with white can create a carefree vibe. If you’re looking to have a wedding similar to a royal affair, then the dazzling colors of purple and burgundy can create the mood of ultimate luxury.

While red and yellow are the most widely used colors in summer weddings, a combination of white and purple flowers will give a dramatically fresh look. You can decorate the mandap with white fabric falls and add a pop of purple to your wedding with the cake, a centerpiece, wedding outfits, and even in the lamps.

7. Purple And Red

Dark colors look more fashionable and chic than light ones at summer weddings. If you don’t want to go with traditional wedding decors, try something exceptional with red and purple, as the two beautifully complement each other. This combo can make the wedding pandal or mandap look creative and modern. Flowers in these colors are sure to take your heart away.

8. Green

Green is a very natural color, and it can turn the plain venue into a lavish and lush one. Green can immensely enhance open spaces, thus making it a brilliant option. Wedding outfits in this color can also stand out, especially since few couples tend to consider green for their summer wedding outfits. Green goes well with white, gold, and all pastel shades. If you are looking for a classic color scheme, go for mint green, light pink, and glistening gold.

In Conclusion

Now that you have an idea about beautifully using bold colors for your summer wedding, get ready to bring in some color to the occasion to make it memorable and photo-worthy! And if you think you’ve reached a phase in life when you’d want to settle down too, sign up on a Marathi Matrimonial app and find your match today!

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