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The Nail Colors That Influencers Are Wearing For Less Than 5 Euros

Neon shades set

We have prepared a selection of cheap nail polishes of all the shades that sweep Instagram this summer. Take a look and choose yours! The nail colors that influencers are wearing.

Summer is coming, and both our wardrobe and our manicure are full of color. The trendiest nail shades for this season are, among others, lilac, peach, nude, blue, metallic, and neon yellow.

In addition to these colors, there is a type of manicure that has positioned itself as the favorite of influencers since last summer.

This is the rainbow manicure, which consists of painting each nail in color. If you want to go to the previous, do the French manicure in this way, and if it is with pastel shades, the better.

Suppose you are looking to get hold of any of the nail polish shades that are sweeping Instagram, take a look at the gallery. They are all super low cost and cost less than € 5!

Pink French manicure

1. Pink French manicure

The French manicure is reinvented this summer and is colored. Maria Fernandez Rubies wears it in pink, do you dare with this trend?

2. Max Factor Perfect Gel Shine

A pink shade that we have loved is the 212 from Max Factor’s Perfect Gel Shine range. Plus, it’s down to 50%!

3. blue

Maria Pombo opted for a pastel blue manicure, and it seems like an excellent idea for the summer.

Maybelline Super Stay

4. Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Summer Bliss

If you liked Maria Pombo’s manicure, get this light blue nail lacquer beautiful and long-lasting.

5. Rainbow manicure

The rainbow manicure continues to be the protagonist this summer, 2020. Those who know the most about fashion wear it in pastel shades and the truth is that the result is youthful but very elegant.

6. Pastel shades set

The Nail Colors That Influencers

If you want to join the trend of rainbow manicure, we recommend this kit that has six different pastel shades at a very affordable price. Each enamel is priced at approximately € 3.

7. Neon shades set

If you want a more striking result, we encourage you to try the rainbow manicure in neon tones. These colors are very fashionable and the time to wear them is in summer.

8. French manicure (Nail colors)

Although the latest fashion is the French of colors, influencers like Marta Lozano also bet on the classic of a lifetime. This manicure does not go out of style!

9. Rimmel London Super Gel

Sephora Collection

We recommend getting this long-lasting gel effect white nail polish, which is perfect for doing a French manicure.

10. Metallic (Nail colors)

Influencer Nina Sandbech combines the two top summer trends: metallic and multi-colored French manicure. A top result but only suitable for the most daring!

11. Maybelline New York Color Show

To get an effect similar to Nina Sandbech’s manicure, paint your nails with a bright polish and use this silver glitter top coat on top. It is super simple, and it will look great on you!

Lilac (Nail colors)

12. Lilac (Nail colors)

Lilac is the fashionable color of 2020; there is no doubt about that. If, in addition to your looks, you want to wear it also on your nails, get polish in this beautiful shade.

13. Maybelline color show (Nail colors)

This lilac Maybelline nail polish is super cheap, so don’t think about it. Tip: To achieve a result of 10, apply two layers of color, and use a clear gloss polish as the last step.

14. Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine

Another shade that also takes a lot is the peach. If you are not up for the lilac, get this pastel orange glaze that will look great.

Maybelline color show

15. 198 yellow-3g from Sephora Collection

Please don’t be scared, but yellow also triumphs, and it is excellent for summer. If you do not see yourself with all the nails of this color, combine it with pink tones. Strawberry and banana ice cream has always been my favorite, does it show?

16. Nude (Nail Colors)

And for the most discreet, a nude tone that is beautiful and in summer will help you highlight the tan. Super stylish!

17. Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine (Nail Colors)

This nude shade from Rimmel London is very similar to that of Chanel worn by Paula Ordovás and costs less than € 2.

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