Most Stunning Mermaid Hair Color Ideas, Tips and Care it

Colouring Mermaid hair is one of the most distinctive and exciting hair trends to have happened in recent years. Deep blues, prominent greens and vibrant purples will make your hair sense as if the waves of the ocean are flowing directly through it!

Achieving mermaid hair colour requires a bit more exertion than different tones, but the final result is unquestionably worth it, as your hair will shimmer and shine like nobody else’s. Mermaid’s hair works extraordinarily because it’s a dazzling array of colours that flawlessly intertwine with each other.

so the tones can appear to be unique regardless of which angle your hair is seen from. Occasionally called unicorn hair or rainbow hair, this is a trend worth trying out if you dare to be bold.

1. Who Exactly is Mermaid Hair for?

Any individual who needs to be noticed! Mermaid colour hair is undoubtedly not subtle, but if you enjoy standing out from the group, then this hair trend is for you. It is commonly worn with long hairstyles, but even individuals with little cuts can try it out.

As a common rule, fair skin tones work well with sunset colours; olive skin fits splendid blues and emerald greens, and brown complexion glance extraordinary with deep reds. However, the beneficial thing about mermaid dyed hair is that rules go out the window and you can uniquely design your hair.

Celebs such as Cardi B, Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner have all tried out the trend with extraordinary results. Get started and find your new look!

2. Most Gorgeous Type of Mermaid Hair Color Ideas

a. Purple and Aquamarine

Find your inward mermaid with two famous tones: purple and aquamarine. Excellent on their own, they give the full underwater impact as a combo.

b. Cool Rainbow Tones

Can’t decide on just one colour? Pick for a mix of pinks, blues, and purples for these dramatic beachy waves.

c. Green on Green

You don’t need to copy Ariel precisely. Mimic the shade of her tail and add some greenery from root to tip.

d. Blue With Purple Ends

Wade into more adventurous hair by making an ombre impact with bold and splendid colours. Here, blue changes into a more aqua tone, and it all ends with some purple and pink at the base.

e. Pastels All Over

Inspired by seashells, this opalescent style includes an assortment of tones that all appear to work perfectly together. Regardless of whether you’re attempting to be a unicorn or mermaid, this makes a statement without being too loud.

f. Ocean Blues

You’ll never be blue with hair this, all things considered, blue. This two-tone combination may cause you to confuse your hair with real waves in the ocean.

g. Ruby Locks

Who doesn’t love a Victorian mermaid? This style has been consummated with lavender, pink, and ruby tones that add dimension and volume. This style incorporates vivid ruby hues close to the crown segment, which melt into a pink and then to lavender, and you move further down the layers.

h. Silver Kelp

We love green hair, particularly in this style. The black to silver-grey roots pick up a phantom green making a balayage impact. The class is dimensional and creates enough volume to be ideal for ladies with medium-length fine hair.

3. How to Get Mermaid Hair: Top Tips

  • Hair specialists propose not washing your hair for 3 days before dying, as your hair’s natural oils help the lightening process.
  • Unless your hair is already exceptionally light, utilizing bleach initially is recommended.
  • Ensure your hair is brushed to eliminate any tangles before applying the colour.
  • Mermaid hair colour deals with numerous levels, so if you want 70% blue, 20% green, and 10% purple, then you should create that choice!
  • Some might be stimulated by Ariel’s red hair colour and prefer to go for precisely one shade to make the process more straightforward. However, your taste will dictate the outcomes.
  • If you like the probability of ombre mermaid hair, then you can mix the hair colour with conditioner. It’s ideal to have all the shadings you’d like isolated into various bowls.
  • Follow all the guidelines on the hair dye kit exceptionally carefully! Utilize petroleum jelly on your forehead, neck and ears to stay away from the dye touching the skin.
  • Always utilize specially formulated shampoo for hued hair afterwards.

4. How to Take Care of Mermaid Hair

a. Do Wash Your Hair With Cold Water

Washing your hair with cold water is necessary. Not only does it give to your scalp that will in all probability become irritated from the bleach (for the initial few days at least), but cold water keeps the dye from washing out rapidly.

If you utilize hot water, you will see that more dye will wash out and the shading will fade quicker causing you to either need to refresh the colour yourself or go back to the salon which can be costly.

b. Don’t Use Drugstore Brand Shampoos and Conditioners

When I originally coloured my hair, I utilized drugstore brand shampoos and conditioners that claimed to be “colour saving.” This was one the most exceedingly awful missteps I’ve ever made. These products often carry sulfates which cause hair dye to clean out quicker.

When looking for shampoo and conditioners, ensure you use sulfate-free products. If you possess any questions or are uncertain what products are best, you can every time ask your hairdresser.

c. Don’t Cleanse Your Hair Too Often, but Do Condition Frequently

Mermaid hair should just be washed a couple of times a week, not every day. Not over-washing your hair with cleanser permits the regular oils from your scalp to immerse your hair and keeps prevent the colour from fading. I can’t tell you exactly how regularly to wash, as everyone’s hair is unique.

It would help if you discovered a schedule that works for you. I shampoo twice per week and use conditioner every two days. Conditioning your hair is essential. Conditioner helps strengthen your hair that may get harmed by dyeing process.

d. Don’t Heat Style Frequently

Most people with mermaid hair (including myself) needed to apply a lot of bleach to their hair for the desired colour to take. The process of bleaching and then dying to uncover the hair to a lot of chemicals which may include origin it to become fragile and unhealthy.

To keep away from breakage, I do not suggest applying heat too often. Rather than blow-drying, air dry your hair. If you choose to straighten or utilize a curling iron, refrain from using it frequently or on a setting above 370 degrees and always utilize a heat protector spray first!

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