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Coconut Oil: Cosmetic Uses Endorsed by Experts

Coconut Oil Cosmetic

This powerful natural active ingredient is revolutionizing the world of cosmetics with its many properties. It offers so many benefits that an essential gap has already been made in the formulas of the best beauty products. Coconut oil: cosmetic uses.

Summer smells like coconut. Yes, coconut oil is the main protagonist of this season. Many solar products have been including it in their formulas for decades, impregnating beaches and pools with an unmistakable tropical aroma.

But in recent times, this asset has gone much further and has become a star ingredient in cosmetics that keep our skin and hair flawless.

facial cleanser

What is the secret of the success of this elixir of plant origin? Coconut oil, highly valued as food in countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia, not only offers infinite possibilities and culinary benefits but also plays an essential role in the world of cosmetics thanks, among other things, to its properties.

Moisturizing and protective. It is one of the best remedies to care for skin and hair!

Coconut oil improves the hydration of the skin from the inner layers; if you add a few drops to your body moisturizer, you will notice an incredible change in your skin.

Coconut milk also has a lot to contribute to the world of cosmetics since it provides elasticity and smoothness and has nourishing, rejuvenating, and antibacterial properties, ” says Rocio L. Cuesta, Ph.D. in Pharmacy Cum Laude and CEO of the Alma Secret firm.

You will be surprised by everything it can offer you!

1. An excellent facial cleanser (coconut oil)

cleansing balm

Coconut oil is a great facial cleanser. Eliminate cells, remove impurities, and deep clean naturally and without damaging your skin.

On the other hand, thanks to the number of vitamins it contains, it nourishes and calms the skin. It is an excellent resource for the most sensitive skin with a tendency to react.

2. Silky formula cleansing balm (coconut oil)

Your skin will look amazing after using Yes To Coconut Cleansing Balm, especially if it is scorched. This cosmetic incorporates a sponge impregnated in coconut that will help you to remove all the impurities from your skin quickly.

Its silky and hydrating formula blends easily with the skin and is responsible for replenishing hydration at its deepest levels. A two in one that cannot be missing from your dressing table!

nutrition to your skin

3. Moisturizes and provides nutrition to your skin

Different studies show the moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil, making it a perfect ingredient for any gel or body moisturizer.

Besides, it is rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that prevents aging and repairs tissues. The skin of the body is smoothed and appears much smoother and more hydrated.

However, be careful with your face. If you have dehydrated skin, it will be useful to apply a face mask containing this ingredient once a week or every 15 days. If, on the contrary, your skin has an oily tendency, it is better not to apply this oil directly to your face.

It is comedogenic, which means it may not be well absorbed and, therefore not penetrate. It stays on the surface and could clog your pores.

argan and coconut milk

4. Creamy bath gel with donkey, argan and coconut milk

If you like the coconut aroma, you will directly fall in love with this creamy gel inspired by the beauty rituals of Cleopatra herself.

Its formula, based on natural ingredients, cleanses the skin and leaves it hydrated and with an exotic and delicious perfume.

This natural cosmetic is perfect for daily use on all skin types, including the most delicate, sensitive, or reactive. Nourishes soften, repairs, calms and improves hydration levels while respecting the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier.

5. Take care of your hair and control frizz

hair and control frizz

Its moisturizing and nourishing properties also make it an excellent ally for hair. Nourishes add shine and conditions the hair in record time and, despite its oily texture, does not leave any greasy sensation.

What it does do is soften, control frizz, and protect the hair fiber, preventing hair breakage. Some experts even assure that the fall decreases.

Its high lauric content with low molecular weight makes it penetrate the hair by hydrating it with its vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, providing strength and beauty.

As if this were not enough, it will help you seal the split ends, fragile and dry due to the colorations, the sun, the dryers, and other heat tools. You have no excuse to boast of high!

6. Repairing hair mask (coconut oil)

Repairing hair mask

A lot of aggression awaits your mane in the coming weeks. The sun, the saltpeter of the sea, the chlorine in the pools … are going to push your hair to the limit.

Make sure it doesn’t take a hit with a good repair mask. L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Coconut Hair Mask is perfect for reviving drier hair, softening lifeless strands, and restoring shine to the dullest shades.

Despite its formula, rich in this nourishing oil, it does not oil your hair. Tames it and gives it a silky, light finish, so you’re ready for any adventure.

7. Extra protection from the sun

Did you know that coconut oil is a natural alternative to protect yourself from the sun? Blocks about 20% near UV, but does not block UVB rays, which are essential for synthesizing vitamin D.

But … Be careful! The protection offered by itself is meager, so it must complement products that contain more powerful filters.

Sun oil with protection

8. Sun oil with protection SPF50

Protect yourself from the sun and benefit from all the properties of coconut oil thanks to this Tropicana sun oil. Its exclusive combination of fruits makes it perfect for all skin types.

Protects against UVA and UVB radiation with an SPF50, while providing a beautiful, intense, uniform and long-lasting tan.

9. Repair your lips

Coconut oil is a true off-roader. It is valid for everything, even to repair the most delicate areas. Incorporating it into lip balms is more than successful.

Just applying it improves the lips and leaves them super juicy. It is ideal for protecting them from external agents and extreme temperatures typical of winter and summer.

10. Coconut lip balm

Ensure that your lips do not dry out with the aggressions typical of summer using a repairing balm enriched with coconut. This coconut body-based lip butter from The Body Shop will help keep them soft and nourished.

Its texture is terrific, and its formula enriched with shea butter adds shine and leaves the mouth super juicy and attractive. Get ready to kiss!

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