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What To Do When Dealing With A Sunburn

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You wanted to go to the beach for a good tan, but the worst-case scenario has happened. You didn’t put on enough sunscreen and just returned from the beach gateway with the worst burn.

Now, what should you do? If the pain clouds the judgment, you have reached the right place.

So, we have already established how painful sunburns can be, and you are cursing yourself for even going to the beach. However, this is where the real trouble comes in. How are you going to go out again? With this red lava of skin, exposing it again can be worse.

So, this is what you are going to do.

1. Use The Right Product

The right product can do wonders to your skin; the wrong ones can be worse. You can be worsening the burn, so do not just lather yourself with anything you can reach.

First, try to use a gel-based product or an aloe vera gel which is the best suited for the situation. Remember that sunburnt skin needs constant care, so even when most of the burn is healed and there is slight redness, you must keep treating it for irritation.

This remederm silver cream is an excellent remedy to eliminate redness and irritation on the skin.

2. Leave The Blisters Alone

Do not try to anger the blisters by doing too much. It will heal in its own time; you cannot speed up the process. So, it is better to leave them alone. Avoid doing these things to the blister.

  • I am touching them too many times.
  • Use ice on them.
  • Use other burn treatment creams to heal it quickly.

Thankfully, sunburns are not as bad as any other burn, so if you leave them alone, they will heal quicker.

3. Drink A Lot Of Water

It would help if you started drinking a lot of fluid or plain water to ensure your body is not dehydrated. So, this is how sunburn works; the moisture is drawn out of the body and rests on the surface to heal it quickly.

I am dealing with sunburned skin

Therefore, you must keep hydrating your body so that more moisture can be drawn to the surface and quicker the healing process. Plus, during sunburn, you will be low in electrolytes; having electrolyte-induced water should be a part of your diet until you heal.

4. Take Something For The Pain

It’s a burn and news flash! It’s going to hurt!

No, it won’t be as bad as a third-degree burn, depending on the hour you were outside. So, if the blisters seem too bad, you can take medical help or Advil for the pain.

However, remember to never go overboard with the pain med. It is not supposed to hurt so much, so if it does, it indicates that you need medical attention. A sunburn generally stays for two to three days, but if the pain and redness persist, go to the clinic because severe sunburn with continuous peels stays for a week.

5. Cover Up

If you have to leave the house because life goes on, do not go all covered in uncomfortable material, which will itch, scratch, and worsen your blisters. Begin with something which is loose-fitted and yet covers the skin. Something that will help your skin breathe.

Choose materials like cotton or silk, which are soft on your skin, and don’t cause unnecessary irritation. Light colors will repel the heat from absorbing and, at the same time, help you to keep your appearance at bay. The dark colors can make you look more red.

6. Let It Heal!

If you have something important to do the next day, light-colored cotton clothes are helpful, but other than that, try to stay in. Get your radiator to cool the surrounding, and then attend to the burn.

Do not try to speed up the healing process. Just let it heal on its own and give it the time. Try to stay away from direct exposure to sunlight as much as you can.

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