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15 Awesome Ankle Bracelet Ideas for You

15 Awesome Ankle Bracelet Ideas for You

Sporting an ankle bracelet is a subtle way to show your support. It is a unifying way to bring everyone together. Every person is different. But, upon inspection of the group, one thing can be a standard tie that pulls everyone together under a unifying cause. Choose a style that suits you while also being a part of the team. On Women’s Equality Day, work together to express how connected you are to your community.

Here are 15 awesome ankle bracelet ideas:

1. The River Rocks anklet is a slinky silver chain dotted with small bead-size brown, beige, and copper stones. This adds a touch of nature against a shiny silver-plated chain. This style reflects the rustic, nature lover within.

2. The Layered Anklet is dazzling by adding a flair of embellishment. Sparkle a bit more with an anklet having two or three chains connected by a single clasp. A layered look can dress up casual wear with just one accessory.

3. The boho feathered anklet sets you apart by highlighting your inner bohemian. Be a true ambassador of freedom of expression by choosing an anklet with a pop of fun, feathery texture, and color.

4. Less is more. A simple silver chain is great for the minimalist seeking to make a statement without being outright about it. Choose a silver ankle bracelet to add an elegant shine.

5. Pearls symbolize grace and sophistication. Express the queen within you by choosing a pearly chic anklet.

6. Bring your look to life with a piece with movement. The shimmy and shake bracelet style feature tiny jewels or beads that dangle from the chain and move with you.

7. Choose an ankle bracelet that is truly yours. A personalized name bracelet can be customized online with a curly, wavy, or funky font of your choosing.

8. The chunky chain-link bracelet adds an industrial chic. Contrast your delicate beauty with an edgy style that brings out your inner strength.

Ankle Bracelets

9. Colorful beaded bracelets are festive and fun. This anklet type is for those not looking to take themselves too seriously. Keep it light and bright with an anklet adorned with a spectrum of hues to brighten up any occasion.

10. The turquoise chip anklet has remnants of the ocean that unveil your inner mermaid ocean goddess. Perfect especially for water signs but appropriate for anyone with a flowing sentimental side. Irregular chips of turquoise represent a rugged yet imperfect beauty, just like the ocean.

11. The Starset Anklet is a delicate chain accented with naturally organic starfish-shaped charms. This choice is also appropriate for replicating the natural beach of all things sandy and beachy.

12. The Initial Ankle Bracelet is a more subtle way to express your individuality. Instead of boasting a name or nickname, this bracelet features a charm with a simple letter to represent you.

13. Broaden Your Horizons is a good choice if you cannot decide on one look to define you. This bracelet has a chain with a half double-strand half oval links chain to meet all of your needs. A gorgeous unifying charm sits in the center to bring it all together.

14. With an open circular Karma circle, the Karma anklet ensures that what goes around comes around. Circulate positive energy and minimalism with the karma anklet.

15. Add a bit of majesty to your look with an Enchanted sea anklet. This anklet adds an enchanting magical touch to your face. It includes a seahorse charm between a mix of jade, crystal, and other stone beads.

Accessorizing is an exquisite way to spice up your look. Every person does it in their way. Even on this commemorative occasion, do not let yourself fade into the background. Browse an online site to see which look best represents you. Places like Silpada have a wide selection of anklets to fit most styles. Go with the flow and choose which feels right. After all, the objective is to remain yourself even as an essential group member.

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