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The Hottest Style Trends to Follow: What You Need to Know

The Hottest Style Trends to Follow in 2022 What You Need to Know

What does the fashion world look like? As we move further into the year, that question is becoming increasingly frequent. Of course, with the ever-modifying landscape of the fashion industry, it can be hard to predict what will be popular in each new year. Fortunately, that’s precisely why fashion experts exist — to help us stay ahead of the curve and look our best as the year progresses.

So, what styles should you expect to see? Here are a few of the hottest trends to watch for.

1. Bold Colors

One of the furthest-reaching style trends is bold colors, providing a nice break from previous years’ understated neutrals. Brighter shades and louder prints will be all the rage, so be prepared to see pop after pop of color in the year ahead.

This trend is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement, whether a single piece or an entire ensemble. When it comes to styling, combine and match assorted colors and patterns to create a unique look that will help you stand out.

2. Statement Pieces

A related 2022 trend is the addition of statement pieces to amp up an otherwise everyday style. For the unfamiliar, statement pieces are just what you’d expect — clothing or accessories that stand out from the rest of your look and make a bold statement.

These can include anything from a bright, colorful scarf, or motivational or funny graphic tees to an over-the-top necklace or earrings. You can quickly elevate your look from average to extraordinary by adding one or two statement pieces. Just be careful not to go too far, or you’ll risk looking like a fashion disaster.

3. Athleisure

Athleisure shows no sign of slowing down as one of the predominant trends of the decade. Athleisure supplies the perfect balance and takes you through your day, from working out to errands and other everyday activities. Fortunately, many trendy brands produce a variety of athleisure, such as Athleta, Lululemon, Nike, and Adidas.

Whether you choose a simple pair of dry-fit leggings and a slim-cut jacket or a more elaborate cashmere-look yoga wrap and coordinating bottoms, athleisure can help you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

The Hottest Style Trends to Follow What You Need to Know

4. Knee-Length Boots

Knee-length boots are aligning themselves for a massive comeback. These boots have been steadily regaining popularity for a few years now and don’t seem to be going away any time soon. Aside from fashion, knee-length boots have a surprising amount of function — they are the perfect way to keep your legs warm during the winter months and can easily be dressed up or down. If you don’t have a pair yet, add one in a fun, bold color to your shopping list — or choose traditional black or brown for more versatility.

5. Catsuits

Catsuits are now — and always have been — a controversial style trend, but they’re gearing up to be big. This type of one-piece outfit hugs the body from head to toe for the ultimate in-body confidence. However, catsuits can come in various styles, including both tight and loose fits, and can be made from a variety of materials, such as cotton, lycra, or even leather.

Of course, catsuits aren’t on all our shopping lists, but don’t count yourself out! If you’re feeling even a little bit daring, a catsuit in your choice of fit and material can make you feel like a total boss.

6. Oversized Shirts

The polar opposite of the catsuit, oversized shirts have also managed to become significant (no pun intended). This shirt style is much larger than your average shirt and hangs off the body. Since they’re often made from soft materials, such as cotton or flannel, they’re supremely comfortable and can be worn in various ways. Try one with your everyday pair of jeans or leggings for a warm, casual look, or get tailored with a couple of slim pants.

7. Low-Rise Pants

Low-rise pants are another trend from days gone by that is rising in popularity. As expected, this cut sits low on the waist and often has a slim fit. Fortunately, most low grows to incorporate stretchy materials, such as lycra or cotton, making them a bit more comfortable, even in denim. Even better? Today’s low rises don’t need to be as tight as the ones you wore back in the early 2000s.

Still, low-rise pants are an excellent way to show off your curves and can be styled in various ways. Try them with a loose-fitting shirt for a more relaxed look or a tight-fitting shirt for a more put-together appearance.

8. Bra Tops

Bra tops are shaping up as one of the hottest style trends. Once relegated to the gym or the nightclub, style magazines depict more celebrities, influencers, and plenty of others rocking bra tops in the daytime. As a result, you can now find comfortable, stylish bra tops in various colors and styles suitable for regular wear. When you like to feel sexy and confident, what’s better than a bra top for showing off your figure?

The Hottest Style Trends to Follow Bra Tops

9. Mushroom-Themed Apparel

It’s true – might be the year of the mushroom. Mushroom-themed apparel has been slowly picking up steam over the last few months of 2021 and will only bring more popularity in the coming year. Look for everything from shirts and pants to shoes and hats to begin featuring adorable fungi of all types.

Once relegated to fun-loving earth mamas, mushrooms are now an exciting theme perfect for adding a bit of personality to any outfit. If you’re examining for something a bit different this year, add a mushroom-themed piece or two to your wardrobe.

10. Bold Floral Prints

This year, bold colors and statement pieces are two dominant trends, so perhaps it’s no surprise that statement floral prints are already making their mark. Bold floral is perfect for adding some femininity and flair to any outfit. Better yet, since floral prints come in various color palettes and pattern designs, you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

These fun prints are perfect for spring and summer to signify the start of the warm season. However, don’t overlook the importance of incorporating a floral statement piece in the winter to brighten up an otherwise dreary outfit.

11. Fleece Ponchos

Like a few other trends on our list, the fleece poncho enjoys a roaring comeback. This versatile piece is available in an almost endless configuration of styles. Choose from wraps, cowl necks, and hooded versions in everything from warm plaid to fringed earth tones and striking color blocks. Whether you pair your poncho with tattered denim or tailored pant, you’ll be both friendly and stylish through the rest of the winter season.

12. Unisex Clothes

Unisex, androgynous clothes are specifically designed not to reflect stereotypical gender roles or styles. This move away from the traditional menswear and womenswear styles is perfect for the era of inclusion many are hoping will usher in.

Even if you’re not actively working to blur the lines between men’s and women’s societal roles, you’ll find pieces that speak to you. Unisex clothes are perfect for anyone who wants to feel comfortable and stylish without having to worry about what is considered masculine or feminine — it’s all about personal expression.

Enter 2023 Feeling Stylish and Confident

These are just a few of the most desirable style trends you can expect to see in 2023. As the year goes on, be sure to experiment with these and other trends and mix them in with your wardrobe to find what works best for you. Feeling stylish and confident is the key to looking your best.

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