Fall Fashion Short Haircuts That Suit Us All

Short haircuts: you are thinking of doing a change of look, take a look at the short haircuts that will be a trend in hairdressers next season.

Nothing better to return to the routine with renewed energy a change of look. We have already signed the hair colors and highlights that will take over our hair from September, and today it is the turn of short haircuts.

Rogaine, hairdresser and image coach, explains the 3 short haircuts that will be worn the most this fall:

The predominant and trend-setting haircut is the Shag, which translates as a shag cut. This style will be ordered with a layered cut with a length that slightly exceeds the collarbone or shoulders, although it will also be worn shorter.

The 70s inspire this style, but that has been modernized to give a more chic touch, which is very popular because it is straightforward to maintain. The Shag looks excellent with straight bangs; it brings freshness and modernity.

Another cut is the Blunt Bob; it is a sophisticated bob that reaches the jawline and runs forward to frame the face.

Finally, another cut that will set the trend this fall is the Pixie cut for the most daring. A simple pixie cut but with choppy layers to add volume.

1. Shag With Bangs

As Rogelaine says, the shag haircut will be one of the most demanded in the fall. We love it because it is a very versatile cut that suits everyone.

2. Curly Shag

This is proof that the Shag is a cut that adapts to all types of hair. We love the volume version of Zendaya with curly bangs.

3. Bob Haircut

The bob is one of the most fashionable haircuts of 2020, and it will continue to be a trend in 2021 as well. It is very flattering, versatile, and easy to maintain, which is why we love it!

4. Blunt Bob

The blunt bob stands out for having few layers and just exceeding the chin. It is ideal for delicate and straight hair because it adds volume. Dua Lipa chooses to wear it straight and without bangs.

5. Blunt Bob With Waves

Hailey Baldwin adds calm waves to her blunt bob. An elegant, comfortable cut that suits all types of faces.

6. Blunt Bob With Paraded Ends

Jourdan Dunn’s version of the blunt bob is perfect for women who want to stylize and enhance their features. With short layers, flared ends, and casual waves.

7. Pixie

Sara Carbonero’s pixie will be another of the most demanded in hairdressers this fall. A comfortable, fresh, and easy to style cut.

8. Mullet

The mullet is one of the most fashionable (and riskiest) cuts of the moment. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus or Maria Leon have joined this modern cut from the 90s.

9. Ultra Short Bob

The micro bob is a very rejuvenating cut that has become a favorite of celebs like Naomi Campbell. You can wear it with bangs, a wet effect, combed with the tips inwards.  

10. Kaia Gerber

Kaia Geber has gone from a-line pixie to bob, and from wheat blonde to pink in no time. She has dyed her hair at home, following the instructions of her colorist.

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