Diet To Lose Belly And Lose Weight

Lose Belly: Localized fat, flaccidity, bloating whatever prevents you from showing off a firm and smooth belly, diet to lose belly puts an end to it.

It may seem to you that all diets are the same: many vegetables, fruit, light proteins And it is true, but it is not. We explain ourselves. It is true that in this diet to lose belly, as in others, the base is vegetables and fruit, but the indication is not to eat any vegetables or any fruit or all light proteins and not take any hydrates.

To lose belly, some foods favour you more than others, and it is with them that we have developed this diet with a downloadable menu.

1. Diet to Lose Belly: Triple Action

When designing the diet, we have combined essential nutrients to “smooth.” With this, we seek to burn more body fat, avoid puffiness and improve skin firmness while losing weight (depending on your starting weight, etc.). You will lose fat from the whole body because no diet can eliminate it only from one area.

For this reason, you should help yourself with sports, for example, with the exercises that Patry Jordan proposes to lose your belly and with a complete beauty ritual. The Hipopresivos abs are also an excellent ally for marking the waist and, incidentally, tone your pelvic floor.

2. The Keys of the Diet to Lose Belly

A study published in The British Medical Journal shows that the more fruits and vegetables we consume regularly, the less fat we accumulate. Among those you can take, the following are especially interesting:

Rich in vitamin C. It is an essential antioxidant to combat oxidation and inflammatory processes that cause you to accumulate fat. You find it in peppers, watercress, kiwis, citrus.

The case of broccoli. It should be a staple on your menus because, in addition to vitamin C, it also contains choline and sulfur compounds that help burn fat.

Rich in flavonoids. Red fruit and vegetables – cherries, blueberries, raspberries, red peppers, beets, etc. – contain high levels of flavonoids, especially anthocyanin pigments, which favour fats’ mobilization.

The red of the tomato. It has the properties that we have told you about before and contains lycopene and vitamin C, which also promotes fat burning.

Red and hot! If the plant food, in addition to being red, is spicy (jalapeno pepper, chilli, cayenne, etc.), it adds the effect of capsaicin, which according to various studies, increases the loss of abdominal fat. An easy way is to saute vegetables in a little oil with sliced ​​garlic and chilli.

3. Legumes in the Diet to Lose Belly

The American Association for the Study of Obesity links soluble fibre consumption to reduce abdominal fat, and legumes are incredibly rich in soluble fibre.

They also contribute choline. This vitamin participates in the transport and assimilation of fats. Besides legumes, meat, milk, eggs, shiitake, quinoa, pistachios, banana also has choline.

Soy, a particular case. This legume also provides isoflavones, calcium, and estrogens, whose deficits in menopause produce an increase in fat in the abdomen.

4. Fatty Foods That Help Burn Body Fat

If you choose it well, the fat in food can be an excellent ally to burn body fat.

Monounsaturated fat. Studies show that if this fat predominates in your diet, it is easier to fight abdominal fat and reduce the waist’s circumference. It is the fat from nuts, avocado, and olive oil. Also, this oil contains oleic acid, which reinforces this effect.

The fat of bluefish. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, which reduce fat and inflammation, preventing it from accumulating in the belly and waist. Thus, it is advisable to consume anchovies, sardines, mackerel, etc., twice a week.

Flax or chia seeds are also rich in omega 3. To assimilate it well, what you must do is grind them.

Fat and vitamin D. This vitamin, found in the fat of milk, egg yolk, or fatty fish like salmon, helps you have a flat stomach. According to the European Society for Endocrinology, people with low vitamin D levels tend to have much more fat in the belly. Anyway, this vitamin is assimilated, especially when sunbathing.

Dairy, in addition to fat, have calcium. And some studies have shown that the calcium in whole dairy products helps to metabolize body fat better.

5. Are There Carbohydrates in This Diet?

Whole-grain carbohydrates do help a smooth belly. According to research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, regularly eating whole grains such as oats, barley, quinoa, or rice prevents fat from accumulating in the belly.

Avoid refined flours. Like sugar, refined flours increase insulin levels in the blood, causing an increase in weight and fat in the abdomen.

6. A Diet to Lose Belly Very Easy to Follow

You will not have any difficulty following this diet for a flat stomach because we give you the menus for two weeks, in which we have incorporated all these foods combined. For the following weeks, all you have to do to vary your meals a little is to change some foods for other equivalents. For example, if we propose to eat sardines, another week, replace them with mackerel or anchovies.

  • Diet to Lose Belly. Week 1
  • Diet to Lose Belly. Week 2
  • How Long Can I Follow This Diet

You can follow this diet until you are at your weight. Depending on the value and volume from which you start, you can lose 8 kilos and up to 10 cm in contour, but remember to accompany it with exercise and support yourself in body cosmetic treatments (reducing creams, etc.).

To maintain your weight later, don’t forget good sports habits and gradually introduce one to three free meals a week.

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