Purple Hair Color Ideas, Purple Hair Dyes and Purple Hair Trends

Purple hair is lovely! Stars and fashion bloggers have since a long time fallen in love with lilac and are trying out the popular colour in all its facets.

Reasons Love Purple Hair

  • It looks great with any cut and length.
  • It complements practically every complexion.
  • It includes a broad palette of nuances. This implies you can locate the right look for every taste!
  • It works for any style – from punky to exquisite.
  • It seems current and is attractive.
  • It makes a pleasant improvement in our hair!

1. Makeup Tips for Purple Hair

While purple hair is unconventional, it certainly passes the regular test! Particularly in the soft colour variants. You think the hair colour is striking enough, so you have to exclude makeup altogether? No need, since the correct accents on lips and lashes, resulting in exceptional styles ensured to elicit envy!

For a magical elven look, for instance, essentially complement lilac hair with a discreet eye shadow with sparkle effect and a cool berry hue on the lips (such as pearly pink, fuchsia or blackberry). A dream! With a pastel purple hue in your hair, you can send even stronger wow signals using makeup.

Avoid applying such a large number of various colours to your face. Otherwise, things get excessively wild. Cherry red, kissable lips and a bold eye line in classic black are perfect!

2. Purple Hair Color Ideas

Suppose you’ve generally dreamed of attempting a pretty purple hair colour shade (or are looking for a new update to the one you have). In that case, this is all the motivation you require, from inconspicuous lilac to dark plum and everything in the middle whether you clear shades will have you feeling and looking healthy.

a. Midnight Violet

If your attachment your dark hair, you can attempt a deep violet colour like singer Katy Perry’s all over. It’s less extraordinary but still offers a striking transformation.

b. Royal Purple

You can never turn out wrong with long, purple braids, as observed on actress Regina King. This hairstyle is fun, dynamic, and stunning.

c. Indigo Bob

This short, colourful bob unquestionably makes a declaration. If you’re designed for chopping your locks (or want to try something fun!), vamp it up with an intense indigo hue like Kelly Osbourne’s.

d. Pale Purple

This pretty light purple hair colour will brighten up your look for spring or summer, regardless of whether you’re out appreciating the sun or spending time indoors.

e. Indigo Blend

Love blue and purple? You don’t need to pick just one! Try mixing them for a bluish-purple shade that’s unique, a la singer Demi Lovato.

f. Violet Spectrum

With this ombre hair colour, you don’t need to stick with one shade of purple —you can choose every one of them from the darkest purple to almost white.

g. Cerulean & Purple Braids

Cerulean consistently praises violet. Add hints of the pale blue to your violet cord for somewhat more pop. You can have on them up in a bun or down — they look incredible the two different ways.

h. Half & Half

Are you looking for something somewhat more avant-garde? Show off your edgy side with this two-tone hairstyle—half black, half purple.

i. Eggplant & Sapphire

Who knew short hair and ombre would pair so well together? This adorable cut flaunts eggplant purple in the front and sapphire blue in the back.

j. Pretty Pastel

When in doubt, pastels are complimenting for all skin colours and hair textures. This pastel purple hair colour is flexible and stunning.

k. Violet Ombre

If you have long, dark hair and want a little colour, attempt this deep violet ombre hue. The rich tone will give your hair some intensity, yet keep it unpretentious.

l. Cosmic Purple

Are you captivated with the cosmos? Then you might love this eye-popping world-inspired tricolour hairstyle with purple roots, magenta tips, and a kick of blue.

m. Pretty Plum

This juicy plum hue is perfect for somebody with a darker complexion who’s not afraid to go big and bold with their hair colour.

n. Purple Balayage

This is a great purple hair colour for brunettes or for those who are reluctant to dye all of your hair. You can try balayage with violet, orchid, periwinkle, or any shade of purple you desire.

o. Lavender Tips

If you’re looking for a fun updo with a sprinkle of colour, dip your ends into a little water and lavender dye, then wrap it in a braid, as sported by singer Britney Spears.

3. How to Choose a Purple Hair Dye

Before you can dye hair purple, you have to choose which shade you want to utilize, because this will determine precisely how you proceed towards the colour. Dark colours like indigo, deep purples, and burgundy are simpler to achieve and take little work when you have dark hair. Brilliant shades of purple like lilac, magenta, and pastel colours need you to lighten your hair significantly if it’s dark.

In general, for a pastel purple hair colour, you have to lighten your hair to a pale yellow colour before you apply the dye, or else it won’t take. Other purple colours like lilac require light blonde hair, whereas darker purple shades can be used to brown or dark blonde hair, contingent upon how soft you want the colour to be.

4. How to Maintain Purple Hair and Stop Fading

Purple hair is lively, and the colour will fade regardless of whether you use a temporary or lasting dye. If you’re using a Fudge Paintbox or Manic Panic dye, you will need to reapply the colour every one to fourteen days to maintain the vibrancy and prevent fading.

Permanent dyes won’t fade as fast; however, you will still need to retouch them every few weeks. You can do this either by trying the similar colour again or by utilizing a semi-permanent dye to add vibrancy back in.

Preventing Fading With Shampoo

Colour refresher shampoos are another extraordinary method to keep the colour vibrant and prevent fading by attaching colour back in whilst you shampoo your hair. Celeb Luxury Viral tone Wash shampoo is one such product line that can be utilized to keep up various colours, including purple.

Products like this can be used to moderate fading in darker shades yet, also, can be utilized to achieve pastel shades alone. Try washing light blonde hair with a little of your chosen shade blended with straight silver shampoo to get a faint pastel fairy floss shade, or even utilize the product straight on light hair for violet or lilac outcomes.

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