Blue Hair Dye: How To Dye Hair at Home and Tips For Maintaining

Blue hair dye is, without doubt, the coolest of the fashion hair colours. It radiates confidence and fearlessness, yet without the consideration looking for the vibe of other unusual hair tones. Blue hair dye is becoming mostly liked right now thanks to celebs like Lady Gaga, and Kylie Jenner rocking pastel takes on it as yet this year.

If you’re thinking about dyeing your hair blue, we’re here to assist with the complete manual for rocking blue hair dye! We’ll cover all you require to know about blue hair from start to end:

  • We’ll help you pick the most delicate shade of blue hair for you based on your skin tone.
  • We will instruct you everything you need to know about dyeing your hair blue at home.
  • We will likewise give you all the tips and trick to maintaining your blue hair’s vividness for as long as possible.

1. Best Blue Hair Color for Your Skin

When you’re given taking the plunge into fashion hair, it is essential to consider your skin tone into account. About anyone can rock blue hair colour, but that doesn’t imply that every shade of blue will work. Your skin’s undertone and to a lesser significantly its dullness should both be taken into account when selecting the particular shade of blue hair dye you’ll need to utilize.

I’ll begin with the more specific part: how to pick the correct shade of blue to go with your skin based on how illumination or dark it is. There is certainly not a particular standard here, yet you do want to keep the following in mind: your hair and skin shouldn’t be proficient for attention.

This implies that if your skin is extremely fair, you probably don’t need your hair to be a very light pastel blue, since then you run the risk of your hair washing you out. Blue hair that is a connect darker and going all the way up to blue-black will look magnificent, on the other hand! Think bright azure or cerulean blue hair tones!

If your skin is medium conditioned, then both pastel blues and dark blues will mind-boggling, while medium blues will only work admirably if they are well saturated. Lastly, those with too dark complexion might want to brighten things up with a large baby blue, or they might desire to channel their internal anime personality with a royal blue. But, a navy blue hair dye might be underwhelming in case of their skin.

2. Different Types of Blue Hair Colours

  • Ice Blue Hair Color
  • Light Blue Hair Color
  • Pastel Blue Hair Color
  • Holographic Hair Color
  • Turquoise Hair Color
  • Mermaid Blue Hair Color
  • Denim Hair Color
  • Navy Blue Hair Color
  • Dark Blue Hair Color
  • Indigo Hair Color
  • Teal Hair Color
  • Electric Blue Hair Color
  • Blue Black Hair Color
  • Reflective Jet Blue Black Hair Color

3. Best Blue Hair Color Products

  • Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
  • Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream
  • Sparks Long-Lasting Bright Hair Color
  • Jerome Russell Punky Color
  • Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  • Splat Rebellious Semi-Permanent Fantasy Complete Hair Color
  • Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  • Special Effects Semi-Permanent Intense Hair Color
  • Clairol Color Crave Semi-Permanent Color

4. How to Dye Individual Hair Blue at Home

a. Start With a Clarifying Shampoo

A clarifying shampoo eliminates the previous hair dye as well as built-up residue from your hair.

b. Bleach Your Hair (Only for Dark Hair)

To get the preferred ideal blue shade of your choice, bleach your locks. This step is relevant only if your hair is dark.

c. Put on Gloves and a Cape

This will prevent recolouring. Also, try petroleum jelly around your hairline to avoid recolour your skin.

d. Mix the Dye

Utilize a bowl and a brush to mix all the hair colour components.

e. Application

Separation your hair into sections and secure them with clips. Start with the bottom layer. Utilize your fingers to get the colour to stick on each strand.

f. Let It Sit

Leave the colour in your hair for the instructed amount of time.

g. Rinse Out

Utilize lukewarm water to rinse out the dye. This helps in keeping the colour intact. Go hair crazy with feisty blue shades by picking the ideal product from this list.

5. Tips for Maintaining Your Blue Hair Dye

Blue hair dye is one of the speediest fading hair dyes around, so it will require some supervision and maintenance to keep it looking fresh and striking.

Avoid shampooing your hair for the first little days after you’ve dyed it, as the cleanser will eliminate a lot of the blue hair dye that you’ve worked so hard to apply. In general, you will want to decrease the recurrence at which you wash your hair, as every time you shampoo your hair, some blue hair dye will naturally be eliminated.

When you do Shampoo your hair, ensure you utilize a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates like SLS and SLES can severely strip the hair of dye, just as the oils that retain your hair healthy. If you can acquire away with it, co-washing with just hair conditioner may be the most beneficial thing for your hair.

When showering, make sure to utilize cool or lukewarm water, as boiling water will open up the cuticles of your hair and root the blue hair dye to bleed out of it. It will likewise keep your hair in healthier shape in general.

You can quickly refresh your hair at home, also. Stir up your refreshing colour treatment by merge three-parts curls conditioner or conditioning mask with 1-part blue hair dye, and try it to your hair the method you regularly would a conditioning mask. Let it sit for 6-10 minutes, and then wash away, and your colour will be back to its former vividness. You can do this one time a week.

Safe Keeping the Roots

Keeping the roots a dull blue is another method of keeping your blue hair healthier and making maintenance easier. You won’t have to hurry to the salon to fade and colour your roots the second they start peeking out – instead, you can fair give them a wash of blue, so they mix into the rest of your hair without conflicting.

Dismal and balayage haircuts are an incredibly chic way of doing this, as the darker blue roots will give plenty of depth to the rest of your hair. Especially if your hair has additionally been bleached, make sure to avoid extraordinary heat styling.

You can blow-dry your hair lightly every once in a while, yet stay away from straightening and curling irons, as the enormous heat will harm your hair. Frequently masking your hair with protein-rich hair masks will do marvel, as after bleaching the measure of proteins in the hair acquire depleted, which leaves the strands weaker and more breakable.

Make the control from towel-drying your hair to utilizing an old cotton T-shirt instead. The irregular bristles of the towel can damage the hair cuticles and lead to colour bleeding out, while a T-shirt will be greatly gentler on both your hair and colour.

6. How to Remove Blue Hair Dye?

If you are unwell and tired of your blue hair colour and want to change it, there are a couple of different you can do this at home.

Simplify Shampoo

Start by cleansing your blue hair with a simplify cleanser and warm water. It is the primary time that ever suggests a shampoo that contains sulfates since they are the best for eliminating hair dye from the hair. Since most blue hair dyes are semi-permanent, cleanse once with a clarifying shampoo might lift enough colour so that you can dye your hair again.

Some individuals find dandruff shampoo works just as well as clarifying Shampoo, while others prefer dishwashing detergent! Make sure to condition your hair after utilizing the clarifying Shampoo, as to purify shampoos strip plenty of oils from the hair in inclusion to stripping colours.

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