Quick and Simple Korean Makeup Routine This Pandemic with 3CE

Many people have ditched their makeup routines for skincare during the pandemic. But, sadly, the so-called recession-proof “lipstick effect” is not pandemic-proof. Home quarantine got the best of us, and even if we go somewhere, face masks cover half of our faces. So if you think about it, it can look pointless to purchase and use any makeup at this time.

Unfortunately, not everyone can pull off a bare-faced look. For those who need to look presentable for online meetings and even on-site work, you will need something to help you achieve it. However, it would help if you did not settle for your usual makeup routine, as this may not be your most suitable option right now.

Going for light, nourishing makeup to prevent your face from breaking out is the best decision you can make, and this is where Korean makeup comes to play. Korean cosmetics are famous for using natural, harsh-free ingredients to formulate their products, which can provide your skin massive benefits without having to pay for too much.

Let’s get into the simple pandemic makeup routine that can save you time and money, along with some of the best products you can use from 3CE.

1. Moisturizer

Moisture is a crucial factor that makes your skin smooth and healthy. If you don’t do your skincare routine before your makeup, your skin might be in trouble. Considering people who are not really into skincare, you can moisturize your well-cleansed face. You can also go for a tinted moisturizer like 3CE White Cream to act as a moisturizer and a tone-up cream. If you use this product, you can easily skip priming and moisturizing on a simple day.

2. BB Cream

You can consider BB cream a healthier alternative for your usual foundation, as most of them contain hydrating and moisturizing benefits for the skin. In addition, it is an excellent product that can help you reduce the makeup that you put on your face. A good alternative would also be cushion compacts, as Koreans love to use this to achieve a natural, lightweight look.

3. Concealer

Concealing should not be one of your priorities when wearing a mask unless you have a massive zit or significant blemishes that can affect your look. However, it would help if you concealed any imperfections when you need to participate in online video conferences, especially when it bothers you and anyone who can see it.

4. Eye Makeup

Eye makeup could be the focal point of your entire look if you need to wear a mask. Otherwise, you can do your eye makeup as you please. For example, a simple neutral eyeshadow can do for an ordinary errand day, but you need to do something more dramatic if you go to a small get-together that requires you to wear a mask.

You can make your eye makeup application easier if you have a quality palette that contains everything you need for different occasions. You might want to check out 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette if you don’t have anything in mind. In addition to that, you can likewise play with eyeliners and mascaras to add more drama to your eyes. Also, it would help if you did not neglect your eyebrows, especially when you have thin eyebrows.

5. Blush

It would help if you only used blushers when someone can see your whole face, like online video meetings and small gatherings without face masks. Other than that, you can freely skip this product as it will not be as prominent like it used to when you wear a mask.

6. Tinted Lip Balm

Lip products are not as essential like before because of lockdowns and face masks. However, not each of us is blessed with naturally pink lips, so we need something to make our lips look good. Lipsticks should be your last option if you need to wear a mask because they only smudge. Instead, we recommend tinted lip balms like 3CE Bebe Color Lip Balm. It provides excellently tinted lips and nourishing ingredients such as botanical oils to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Makeup may not be as essential as it used to be in our everyday lives, but it is still beneficial for some aspects of our daily routine. Keep your makeup routine short and straightforward to prioritize your skin’s health during this pandemic.

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