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Natural Infusions To Help Eliminate Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones: Nature offers you options to help the body eliminate kidney stones and prevent their formation if you tend to suffer them.

1. Goldenrod Eliminate Kidney Stones

It contributes both to treating and preventing kidney stones formation because it is very rich in saponins and coumarins, which can increase the volume of urine. To this is added its healing, diuretic, and protective action.

The flowery Sumida is used in decoction (1 tablespoon per glass, the juice of ½ lemon and honey, 1 to 3 times a day).

2. Birch Eliminate Kidney Stones

It is recommended when the stones are uric acid. And all thanks to its excellent diuretic action that helps eliminate excesses of this substance. Also, it has disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is prepared as a decoction of its bark and its leaves (1 tablespoon per glass) 1 to 3 times a day.

3. Stonebreaker

It is one of the most functional plants to expel calcium oxalate stones. Its main virtue is its ability to dissolve them. It is also a diuretic, soothing, and anti-inflammatory. Avoid it in case of thyroid disorder.

The plant is used fresh or dried and in extracts.

4. Horsetail

A beneficial plant to help eliminate all kinds of kidney stones for their diuretic and antispasmodic properties: relaxes kidney ducts, facilitating the expulsion of stones. It is also healing and a great source of potassium that helps dissolve them. It is taken as a decoction (1 tablespoon per glass), 1 to 3 glasses a day.

5. Apple Vinegar

Its content of enzymes and acetic acid makes it difficult for calcium oxalate to crystallize and makes it easier for kidney stones that are already formed to dissolve.

Add 1 tablespoon to a liter of weakly mineralized water, mix well, and drink throughout the day, for a week.

6. Plant Cocktail

If you need an excellent ally to expel them, this mixture of medicinal plants is ideal. It helps to dissolve the stones, facilitates their exit, and is disinfectant.


  • 60g stonebreaker
  • 20 g thyme
  • 20 g bearberry leaves
  • 20 g nettle

Preparation: Boil 4 tablespoons of the mixture for 5 minutes in 1 liter of low mineralized water. Let stand covered for about 10 minutes and filter. Add the juice of a lemon and a little honey and drink the mixture throughout the day.

Natural Solutions Against Kidney Stones

The formation of kidney stones can have various causes, such as a family tendency, inappropriate eating habits, among others, which facilitate the formation of sand or real stones.

These are made up of 80% oxalate and calcium phosphate, 12% struvite (residue from infections), and 8% uric acid.

Natural medicine helps you treat them if you already have them and prevent their formation if you tend to this problem. In addition to the medicinal plants that we have recommended, there are other remedies.

Supplements That Help You

Take note of the following supplements that will help you get rid of stones or prevent their formation:

Potassium citrate. In the case of calcium oxalate stones, this supplement will help reduce calcium excretion through the kidneys and make it difficult for the rock to crystallize. 200 to 400 mg are used per day, divided into two doses.

Magnesium Citrate. It reduces the acidity of the urine (which can promote stones), reduces the concentration of renal calcium oxalate, and hinders its crystallization, dilates the renal ducts, and facilitates stones’ expulsion. The dose used is 300 to 400 mg a day, divided into two doses.

Vitamin B6. It is an essential vitamin for uric acid’s proper metabolism and helps reduce excess urinary oxalate, responsible for the formation of stones. It is recommended to take 10 to 50 mg of B6 per day. It has a vital role in prevention.


The use of medicinal plants should be avoided in pregnancy or lactation,, and people with kidney failure.

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