How to Throw an Epic Bday Party

Celebrating birthdays are fun, but getting a birthday party organized is such a chore. They are figuring out what to wear, how to decorate, and where it can be a real pain. Here are a few ideas to help you sort out the planning, so all you need to worry about is having fun.

The first thing to do is find a venue and pick a theme. What vibe should the party have? Fun, elegant, simple, wild, or something else altogether? Choose a platform that matches that vibe. Have a stormy night out at a bar or an upscale party at a nice restaurant.

Throw a simple celebration in your backyard, and decorate it with elegant streamers and lights. Or go on a fun adventure with friends exploring a new part of your city. Food tours or bar hopping are great ways to visit a bunch of new places. If the weather is good, opt for an outdoor event. Head to the beach with your besties, or do an outdoor barbecue. Nothing beats good weather and good company.

After you’ve got the venue planned out, it’s time to decide what you’ll wear. The most important thing to keep in mind is what you will be doing. If you and your friends are doing a food tour of your city, you’ll want to wear loose, comfortable clothing to move in quickly. Food tours are fun, but there tends to be a lot of walking involved. You have a more comprehensive range of options if you’re going to be mostly sitting down.

In this case, you can pretty much wear what you like but ask ahead of time if there is a dress code at a particular venue. Remember to dress appropriately if the party is outdoors. You don’t want to get too cold, and you also want to avoid a sunburn, so check and see what the weather be like ahead of time.

Unless your birthday party is at a restaurant or a food tour, you’ll want to get desserts. If your party has a theme, get cupcakes, cookies, or a cake that matches it. If you don’t have a particular piece, get dessert in your favorite color.

A colorful dessert menu with definitely kick your party up a notch. Not a dessert fan? Get party favors that match your birthday instead. A cute tiara and matching lipsticks for all your friends is a super adorable way to dress up together for a party. You could also get everyone matching bracelets or necklaces as well.

Customize your birthday invites to match the venue and theme. Some websites allow you to edit their cards to however you want. My favorite site to use is Basic Invite. They have tons of different cards to choose from, and all of their products are customizable. Their cute birthday party invitations are adorable, and you can change the colors to match the vibe of your party.

Wherever and however you choose to celebrate, I hope the party is a blast! Party hard, and have fun! Enjoy time with your friends, and create incredible memories.

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