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Crafting The Perfect Custom Eye Palette

The right eye makeup can enhance the most expressive feature of your face–your eyes. Once you nail the art of choosing the suitable color palettes that match your iris, you can put together a whole range of different looks that are perfect for any occasion. Eye shadows should be an essential part of every makeup kit and since you’ll wear the product around your eyes, make sure to invest in top quality brands.

1. Here’s a Quick Introduction to Eye Shadow Palettes

If you’re experimenting with eye shadows for the first time, you might want to start with neutral colors like browns and beige, which won’t overwhelm your newfound love for makeup. These shades match your skin tone closely so that any mishaps can be easily covered up. Once you understand how to apply eye shadow properly, you can move on to trying a range of different colors and finishes.

Prepare to be entranced and excited by how the satins, mattes, glitters, and metallics transform your entire look. For daywear, you can go with nude shades that give a smooth matte appearance to your eyelids. Darker shades at the other end of the spectrum can give you a smokey, sexy look for a date with someone special.

2. Pick the Right Palette that Matches Your Skin Tone

If you aren’t quite sure about the right shades that will match your skin and iris color, a good starting point is trying the shadows on your inner forearm. If you like how the tints look, try them on your eyes. Another rule is to keep the bling to a minimum during the day. But, if you’re out for a formal lunch, playing around with a hint of shimmer or bronze will brighten your entire look and add a touch of style and romance.

As evening draws near, you can go all out with glitter and bold hues. Going with polished pearl pigments is another trick they may teach you if you pursue your passion and take some makeup courses. You’ll love the effects on your eyes, making them look bigger and brighter.

3. Ready to Understand How to Bring Out Your Eye Color?

Balancing the correct eye shadow tints with your eye color takes a bit of experimentation, but here are some rules so you can’t go wrong.

  • Green eyes? Make them pop with hues of pink and purple.
  • Brown eyes reflect a blend of primary colors. Hints of purple would look fantastic, but you could also try bronze in metallic versions for evening wear.
  • Hazel eyes? Draw instant attention to them with corals and orange hints.
  • Blue eyes? The perfect contrast is yellow and orange hues. But remember to pick the lighter tones that complement.
  • Black or dark brown eyes? Green shades in matte or metallic finishes are sure to bring out the brown flecks in them. But, if you’re looking for contrasting hints, you can safely go with cobalt blue to make a statement.

Remember, these are just suggestions. Feel free to evoke the inner artist in you and get creative with styles you like. Especially since human eyes are genuinely unique and everyone has their color and shape that is distinct and special.

4. Combining Colors in Your Palette

Eye color can’t always be categorized; sometimes, your eyes may not be only green—but instead sparkled with pigments of gray, gold, or yellow. Blue eyes can be piercing or light blue with flecks of orange, green, or seem even to have rich blue hues like the ocean’s depths. As your skills improve, you can try experimenting with a blend of colors. Get creative and enjoy trying out different eye shadow palettes that also bring out your skin tone.

5. Crafting Your Colors Palette

Eye colors can no doubt be a lot of fun to experiment with, thanks to the availability of a stunning range of hues, textures, and finishes—but that’s not all you can customize. Some makeup lovers go as far as creating their custom kits, selecting their favorite hues from different brands, and combining them into one masterful palette—suited only for their face.

If you have an old makeup palette lying around and want to customize one on your own, remove the empty eye shadow shells and glue them in your newest purchases. You can then fill the open spaces with art resin and even decorate the outside with resin, sparkles, makeup brushes, and more.

Try customizing a custom palette with colors and decoration for each season!

No matter the extent of customization you choose for your palette, try sticking to what you think will be best for your skin tone, eyes, and style. After all, you know what you like best.

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