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What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Smoking

Smoking: Yes, they are noticeable from day one, and yes, your body recovers health. If you are considering quitting tobacco, here are some reasons that can give you the “push” that you lack.

According to a report carried out by this entity, smoking increases the risk of up to 15 types of cancer.

The lung is one of the most frequent smokers (it is estimated that 82% of cases are due to tobacco). But, did you know that if you leave it, this organ is capable of repairing the damage caused by smoking in it?

When you stop smoking, new cells are born and grow healthy, and some of them are responsible for regenerating the epithelium, which is a kind of layer that covers the lung.

British scientists have verified this in a study published by Nature, and in which they also point out that the chances of suffering from lung cancer, as years without smoking are added, are increasingly reduced.

1. If You Don’t Smoke, the Cardiovascular Risk Lower

“There are two things that work similarly in the circulatory and respiratory systems, the endothelium and the epithelium.”

“The first is the last layer of the inner part of the blood vessels, and the second covers the outer surface of the body and specific internal organs. Both cell structures are damaged by the action of nicotine and the toxins that are inhaled with it. Tobacco” explains the doctor.

The question is, what happens when we stop supplying nicotine to the body? If you started in adolescence and have not left until forty, there is damage to your body that, according to the doctor, “is irreparable.”

The years you have been smoking is more relevant than the cigarettes a day.

“This occurs both in people who have smoked for a long time and in those who are especially sensitive to nicotine,” also emphasizes that “although we attach great importance to the number of cigarettes we smoke, the truth is that it is not the most relevant since only one a day is already harmful.”

Although “quitting smoking will not make a disease disappear, such as chronic bronchitis, it will stop its progression. Which is already important,” says the doctor.

The satisfaction of quitting helps prevent relapse.

You will notice these benefits as the weeks go by. In fact,” the more time you go without smoking, the more the risk of developing diseases such as lung cancer decreases.”

Now,” the risk of developing cancer will never be the same in a former smoker as in someone who has never smoked,” he warns.

2. Raise the Defenses

Many people feel “disappointed” when they quit smoking because they think that their health seems to be falling apart instead of getting stronger. Also, this feeling is argued with a supposed lowering of defenses.

A theory that the expert categorically denies. “Nothing could be further from the truth. While we are smokers, the risks of infections are much higher,” he says.

3. Fewer Cigars, More Flavors

Taking a puff” is Nothing more than inhaling the incomplete combustion of a series of products such as paper, nicotine, , and many other toxic and tremendously addictive substances that each cigarette contains, “explains the doctor.

“This process that takes place in the Taste buds located at the base of the tongue causes lesions that modify the taste,” he adds.

The smell is also altered. This is how the expert explains it: “The smoke that travels through the nasal septum is, in a certain way,” anesthetizing “the sensitivity of the pituitary, a gland that allows us to perceive odors.”

In no time, the ex-smoker experiences forgotten tastes and smell again.

This deterioration in taste and smell quickly recovers from the moment we stop smoking. “In a fairly short time, the ex-smoker again experiences feelings that he had forgotten,” says the specialist.

4. More Pretty Skin, Nails, and Hair

In addition to improvements in the organs’ internal functioning, another of the incentives to abandon this harmful habit is to check how much healthier nails, hair, and, especially, skin.

According to the expert,” the effects of tobacco do not come only through inhalation, they also do so through the deposit of substances released when smoking. ”

Proof of this is the yellowish color that stains many smokers’ fingers, which gradually softens when they stop being so.

5. Even Character Can Improve

From the first hours without tobacco, the body begins to “complain.” And he does it both physically and psychologically.

Experts call withdrawal syndrome, which “in the field of physical health lasts between 3 and 5 weeks, and in terms of behavior, it can last a lifetime,” says the doctor.

However, “the satisfaction of having left such a hard dependency becomes a great tool that helps prevent relapses.” Without a doubt, this experience” modulates character by reducing anxiety states and increasing emotional balance,” he concludes.

6. The Ex-smoker’s Cough … Myth or Reality?

There is a widespread belief that the first few weeks without tobacco, we experience endless coughing spells.

However, “the increase in cough is not necessarily a constant among ex-smokers. They may or may not have it, and their intensity can also vary. ”

Whether you smoke or have recently quit, you may have a cough. Now, depending on one case or another, they will be quite different.

“The smoker’s cough is more productive (with mucus or phlegm) since the mucosa is inflamed, while that of the former smoker will be drier,” the expert distinguishes.

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