10 Fall Hair Color Trends to Try This Season

If you’re already wearing your cashmere sweaters and sipping pumpkin spice lattes, now it’s time to get your hair done, so your look matches the vibe. Out with the platinum blonde and in with the warm browns and reds. There are so many fun colors to play with this autumn, from permanent to semi-permanent hair color options. Read on to get out the top 10 fall hair color trends to try this season.

1. Turn Heads with Red

Whether you want to be a red bombshell like the scarlet red Madelaine Petsch or prefer more demure copper tones à la old-school Lindsay Lohan, you’re sure to turn heads with red. For a quality red hue, you’ll want to get a professional hair color in the perfect shade of red for your style and skin tone.

Embrace the season and go for the amber and red blend inspired by fall leaves if you need ideas. Try a mid-length haircut with choppy ends and straight bangs for a youthful glow that complements your new hair color.

2. Go Deep with Black or Brown

If you’ve always wanted to color your hair darker, now’s the time to go for it. Try going raven black this fall. Don’t want to commit to much darker hair fully? Try a deep brunette or oak brown ombre, which blends well together and is ideal for anyone with an olive skin tone or a warm complexion.

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3. Steal the Show in Metallic Highlights

For a playful twist on highlights, go metallic. If you’re unsure if you want to go for gold, silver, copper, or bronze, hold up these shades near your arms and face to see which metal best suits your natural skin tone. For those with neutral tones, you can go in any direction with natural shades.

For the rest of us? We’ll have to be a little more particular. Darker skin tones can play around with chic copper and gorgeous gold highlights through balayage. Those with warm and olive skin tones can try gunmetal, an excellent steel color. As for light and fair skin tones, go for silver tones.

4. Try a Sangria Burgundy

Sangria burgundy is an impeccable option for dark brown and subtle reddish tones. If you prefer warm and subtle tones, then also consider pumpkin spice for fall. This reddish and brownish combination makes for a glossy wonder on thick and straight textured hair.

Add drama to it with big, loose waves to draw attention to your natural volume. Top it off by misting it with a shine spray or other professional styling product all over your strands to keep a shinier finish that will last all day.

5. Switch It Up with Blonde Cappuccino

Only 2% of the world’s population are natural blondes, so imagine all the fun you’ll be having with a warm blonde cappuccino color. Opt for darker roots at the crown of your head to make the blonde tones pop. If you have a golden undertone, this hair color is a stunning choice for you. Pair this with textured waves, and you have the perfect Instagram aesthetic for your hairstyle this fall.

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Similarly, if you want coffee colors without the blonde, combine caramel and mocha on long, wavy hair for that supermodel style. The color combination will create a dimensional illusion that accentuates your hair’s natural texture by mixing caramel and mocha highlights. Not to mention, it is low maintenance because you can keep the dark roots going.

6. Go Sweet with Strawberry

The strawberry blonde look is a blonde tone with a warm, golden-reddish tint. There are so several fun ways to play with this color. Try it in a red and strawberry blonde bob, where the colors blend for a harmonious finish. If you’re going for the softer and brownish side, go for reddish strawberry blonde with light-brown tones.

Are you looking for a natural finish? Consider golden highlights with a light reddish-brown base that will highlight your hair’s natural texture.

7. Stay Cool with Copper

When copper-red meets a dark-brown shade, you’re heading straight for edgy and ultra-chic. This color is ideal for natural brunettes looking for unique ways to gloss their hair. The copper tones are perfect for autumn to coincide with your fall fleece.

8. Warm Up with Roasted Chestnut

You don’t have to wait until winter to dig into roasted chestnuts. A chestnut balayage is a great option to add radiance to darker hair. Not to mention it looks pretty natural. From the French word for “sweep,” balayage differs from traditional highlights because this technique involves brushing the color onto the hair during the highlighting or color process.

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It’s a freehand painting color technique where, unlike conventional foil highlights, balayage focuses more on the ends of the hair and then gets feathered or blended out as it moves up.

9. Shine Bright with Neon

You may think you need to go to magical lengths to get your hair neon-bright like highlighter green or cotton candy blue. While it’s certainly a process, it is possible, and it is super trendy right now. If you don’t want to commit to the neon look through the fall season, opt for semi-permanent hair color as a happy medium for this statement trend.

10. Add Sass with Apple Cider Hair

Apple cider is not just for drinking this fall. You can take your favorite autumn beverage and turn it into this beautiful and versatile hair color. Slightly red, slightly brown, and all gorgeous hues, this style leans into natural shades of blonde but gives it a warmer undertone. Style it wavy to accentuate that apple cider color truly.

Are you able to fall in love with some new hair colors? No matter what you choose, you’re sure to look fabulous with any of these trendy new hues.

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