Most Stunning Type of Eyebrow Slit Trends and Tips

Mix up your everyday glance by grasping the bold and edgy eyebrow slit trend. Its roots lie in the 80s and 90s hip hop scene; however, this eyebrow style had had a resurgence in 2020. Both men and women can shake this look, as all it requires is certainty and some attitude.

Eyebrow slits are slight vertical cuts alongside the eyebrow hair. They can be made by an expert, your parlour didi or even DIY if you are gifted with a consistent hand and a brave heart. They have been conducting back by modern beauty bloggers who aren’t reluctant to attempt even the most abnormal makeup trends.

1. From Where Does This Trend Emerge?

The idea of an eyebrow slit is relatively dark in its origins. A slit or trim in the eyebrow hair naturally happens if the person has been fighting and agonising a gash in that area. They are remnants of an injury, typically seen in old gangster movies where the actress had to shave off a segment of their brows to mimic that.

More newly, actors like GOT-famed Jason Momoa have given it a new life, even though Jason got the cut from a real bar fight. We locate that fascinating. It’s practically similar, turning a scar into a marvel feature!

2. How to Create Eyebrow Slits

The trick includes creating thin, vertical slits towards the sides of your foreheads. You can make up to one to 3 slits on one of the two of your brows.

Step 1: Mark It Out

Before you start, ensure you know where you need your slits to be put. Utilize a white eyeliner pencil to mark vertical lines where you need the slits to be placed on your brows. This will ensure precision and precision.

Step 2: Place Tape Parallel to the Line

Stick some tape on one and the other sides of the line, leaving a slim gap between them. This is the place where you will create your eyebrow slit. The two pieces of tape manage you in shaving straight lines and prevent you from committing any errors.

Step 3: Shave!

Cautiously shave the eyebrow hair between the two pieces of tape. The trick is only to move vertically! Ensure you don’t press overly hard or go external the lines as you don’t want to pare away the tape from the rest of your brow.

Step 4: Remove the Tape

Peel off the tape gently. Be mindful not to pull out any eyebrow hair. Use a wet wipe to wipe away the liner. If you appear to have missed an inch or two, pull them out utilizing hair removal tweezers.

You now have eyebrow slits!

3. Making Eyebrow Slit: Essential Tips and Precautions

Here’s an interesting point before you slit your brows – you might potentially end up with regrowth issues forever. Yes! Forceful plucking of brow hairs can lead to permanent alopecia.

If you want to experiment without focusing on something permanent, you can generally attempt other temporary methods like creating eyebrow slits using makeup. You only need your ordinary brow makeup and some concealer to make the cuts.

Eyebrow slits have been made unimaginably famous among young people by celebrities like Zayn Malik, Chloe Norgaard, and Tom Hardy. However, don’t merely indiscriminately emulate your idols. Try and understand what works for you and your style! That was our take on creating eyebrow slits.

4. Most Stunning Type of Eyebrow Slit Trends

a. Eyebrow Cuts for Men:

Single Eyebrow Cuts

A single eyebrow cut is a more straightforward approach to embracing this trend and an excellent method to test the waters. Jason Momoa is one of the acclaimed famous faces rocking an eyebrow cut; however, his is a real scar from being assaulted with a pint glass. Nevertheless, his general manliness, well-known physique, and badass vibes helped popularise the look. Fortunately, you can attempt it yourself minus 140 stitches to the face.

Double Eyebrow Slit

Double up on your style along two eyebrow slits. This is a bolder glance that shows your character. Keep in mind that it is ideal for keeping them similar and equitably distanced, so they glance intentional.

Haircut Joining and Eyebrow Slit

Take your eyebrow slit to the next level by combining it with a proceeding cut into your hair. It looks best in a manner with short sides, for example, a fade, crew, buzz, or undercut. The key is to keep up a similar angle in your forehead and hair, so utilizing a guide can help. On the other hand, hit your barber up in your next arrangement and get it done professionally, so it doesn’t seem like you disagreed with a razor.

Haircut Joining and Double Slit

A double-slit ongoing into your hair is another excellent choice. Again, a professional and stable hand will give you the most satisfactory results, so chat with your barber. It’s an especial take on the eyebrow cut and is ideal for guys with an edgier way. Team it with an accurate and structured beard and skin dim for a badass look. Wear studs to show off your character truly.

Cross Eyebrow Slit

Line styles don’t need to be reserved only for the hair on your head — they can reach out to your brows too. While there’s less space, you can still get innovative with your eyebrow slits, and this cross pattern is the ideal example. Up the ante by adding some bling utilizing a simple stick-on crystal. This style is incredible for guys who aren’t reluctant to embrace new trends and be different.

b. Eyebrow Slits for Women:

Single Eyebrow Slit

A single eyebrow slit for women can look outstandingly elegant and stylish. It draws to notice the eyes, not to mention your killer eyeshadow game. Plus, it’s an extraordinary method to underline the curvature of your brows.

Double Eyebrow Slit

Appreciate double the fun with this trend by rocking a double eyebrow slit. It adds dimension to your look and is incredible at emphasizing your brows’ arch, lifting your entire face.

Four Eyebrow Slits

If you are all for a brave, brave vibe, then the four-way eyebrow slit is an ideal choice. This works best on darker brows to perfect show the differentiation, and you will require to put the time into making sure your brows are filled in with sharp boundaries. However, this is an excellent method for women daring enough to make a statement and draw observation to your pretty face.

Front Eyebrow Slit

Flip your slit around and have on it the front of your forehead. While most eyebrow cuts are over at the rear, if you have a stable and even growth pattern at the front, there’s no reason you can’t wear it there. It’s a splendid method to make an exceptional spin and brings attention to the centre of your face.

Does Eyebrow Slit Grow Back?

Indeed, shaved eyebrow cuts will generally develop back in two to six weeks, so keeping the look will require maintenance. However, if you’re plucking hairs, remember that pulling the hair out at the root can cause thinning.

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