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Is Smoking E-cigarettes Less Dangerous Than Tobacco?

E-cigarettes: New ways of smoking, such as e-cigarettes, hookah or vape, and IQOS, claim to be less toxic and help quit smoking. Is it true? We clarify it for you. “Electronic cigarettes, hookah, or IQOS are not safe,” says the Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery.

It is true that they can be considered less harmful than conventional tobacco since they do not require combustion and contain safer substances than smoking, but which, however, could also be toxic.

1. What is the Least Toxic System

It cannot be said that it is recommended since no system is. “They are all toxic to a greater or lesser extent,” emphasizes the pulmonologist. But the electronic cigarette is the least harmful of the three.

“All systems are toxic to a greater or lesser extent,” clarifies the pulmonologist

That it is not safe can be seen with a simple test. Drop a puff of vapor from the e-cigarette onto a smooth surface and watch after the debris it leaves on the surface dissolves.

That also stays in our lungs and breathing tubes.

2. What is Contained in an Electronic Cigar

There is no exact legislation on what to have. Among these substances, in addition to water, are chemicals such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol and nicotine.

The Propenglicol has been used in medicines and cosmetics. Avoid dry mucous membranes. The doubts lie in the fact that it is unknown if what reaction it causes when supplied at high temperatures.

The vapor from the cigar is set to 60 degrees.

Water does not vaporize at these temperatures. That is why glycerol is used. Glycerol is the substance that they put in discos and concerts to create artificial smoke. No problems have yet been found due to its continuous use.

Nicotine is the only product in which the amounts are specified, since the higher the dose, the more expensive it is.

3. Why It Is Considered Toxic

However, among these substances they contain, the pulmonologist points out others: Glycerin, “which, when inhaled, can be the cause of pneumonia.”

The Carbonillos, occurring substance when heated, and “I,n, doses which are in the vapor, these E-cigarettes can cause cancer” clarifies pulmonologist.

Contains chemicals in addition to nicotine

Chromium, nickel, and lead, which are heavy metals and which in the doses found in cigarettes are also capable of causing cancer.

4. New Studies on the Electronic Cigarette

According to a study University, in California, E-cigarettes have been shown in mice to promote extra fat in the liver, which is harmful to health.

The reality is that the long-term effects of e-cigarettes are unknown, but they can affect liver disease, diabetes, heart disease, or stroke.

5. How the Manufacturers Defend Themselves

It is true that the companies that market them have also presented studies that show that E-cigarettes are safe. However, these studies are partial and, therefore, not entirely reliable.

Furthermore, is firm: “Given that the use of these cigarettes has spread indiscriminately, even the World Health Organization warns that they are not safe. ”

6. Does Not Serve to Give Up Smoking

The medical community has also questioned whether it helps to quit smoking. “Many smokers who use the electronic cigarette or vape to quit smoking end up using both. Up to 30% of those who use it to quit smoking end up becoming dual smokers,” says the doctor.

Who uses the electronic cigarette to quit the normal ends up smoking both

“Now, there are three medications that are effective and safe in helping smokers quit. Replacement therapy with nicotine, varenicline, and bupropion”, recalls the doctor.

A healthcare professional, be it a doctor or a pharmacist, is the one who must prescribe the most appropriate treatment for each person. With psychological support and treatment, it is possible to quit smoking.

7. And May Have the Opposite Effect

tobacco consumption does not decrease among young people.

Furthermore, the electronic cigarette option is confirmed as an innocuous door of entry: 20.1% of students between 14 and 18 years old have already tried the electronic cigarette, with or without nicotine.

Another North American study, this one from the University of Michigan, also gives reasons to be vigilant when young people acquire electronic cigarette smoking.

The study finds that high school students who smoke steam are up to four times more likely to end up smoking tobacco the following year.

Students who smoke steam are more likely to end up smoking.

The reason would be that the habit of smoking steam accustoms them and reduces the perception of risk of tobacco smoke.

8. The Cachimba or Vapeador is Worse

Vaping has become one of the most common habits among young people in their leisure outings, and many bars offer them.

Vapers, hookahs, or hookahs are small heaters that cause water vapor inspired by tubes finished in cigarettes. Flavors are added to suit young people. And they also have nicotine if the user asks for it.

The vape is more toxic than electronic cigarettes.

This system is more harmful because there are more of the same toxic substances. Also, they encourage smoking.

By contrast, it has not been possible to establish that adolescents who had started to smoke, stopped doing so when using vapers.

9. The IQOS Are Not Healthy

The last system is to go on the market and have been the IQOS cigarettes (acronym in English for “I Quit Ordinary Smoking” or leave the regular tobacco). These cigarettes also contain toxic substances and are as addictive as tobacco.

Contains as much nicotine as regular tobacco. “Nicotine is not in itself harmful, but it is addictive and therefore prevents you from quitting it.”

Unlike tobacco, which burns and causes more toxic products, in IQOS, only the product it contains is heated, so fewer substances are released, but those that exist remain toxic to the body.

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