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3 Walks With Healthy Goals For Your Health

Walks: Walking every day has thousands of benefits for your health. It helps you prevent varicose veins, leg pain speeds up your metabolism, makes you lose weight, and even improves your memory. Join the walk that best suits you!

Did you know that if you walk first thing in the morning, you speed up your metabolism and lose weight? Or that doing it after dinner is the best sleeping pill and anti-peck therapy out there? Discover the benefits of walking according to the time of day.

1. The Many Benefits of Walking

If you walk regularly, your health gains a lot: you prevent varicose veins and leg pain, improve your memory, and keep cholesterol at bay. But also, depending on the time you go out for a walk, your body has a different reaction, and you intensify one benefit or another:

in the morning walks, you activate the metabolism with what you burn more, which helps you lose weight. In the afternoon, you fight to bloat abdominal, and after dinner is an excellent anti-stress remedy. Sign up for the one that interests you the most and get the most out of it.

2. In the Morning walks

People who exercise at this time of the day are known to quit less. But it not only helps to be constant, walking in the morning “hooks” because you immediately notice changes: It costs you less to lose weight, and you do it faster.

When you exercise, your metabolism speeds up. That is the rate at which you expend energy increases. And that effect lasts for several hours. Bottom line: walking in the morning makes you burn calories much faster for much of the day, making it simple to lose weight.

For example, the Mayo Clinic (USA) study showed that walking daily can help you lose up to 15 kilos a year. You don’t wake up tired, and you have more vitality throughout the day. If you work out in the morning, there comes a time when your body gets used to it, and as your wake-up time approaches, hormones “prepare” you for exercise by regulating your heart rate and blood pressure.

Full of Vitality

That is why you notice that you wake up full of vitality. This effect is intensified when walking because you oxygenate your whole body and the brain, like an injection of energy for the entire day. To take care of your health, walk 10,000 steps a day. To lose weight, 12,000

Light steps to burn more. To “speed up” your metabolism, preferably, you should walk about 8 km (between 11,400 and 12,600 steps) to burn 400 kcal per hour. To maintain a healthy weight, you have to walk 10,000 steps a day and lose weight. 12,000 are necessary. But it isn’t easy to maintain a proper record of your health status. Therefore it is often recommended to use the best health apps like as it provides you with the tools to maximize your physical and mental health. It also keeps a proper track of your fitness goals.

If you get a pedometer, you will know at all times how many you are wearing. Start tiny if you are not used to it. Go for a walk 3 times a week at a pace that you feel comfortable with. When you “hold on” for 15 minutes without getting tired, aim to walk between 30 and 60 minutes 4 times a week.

After a month, increase the walk’s speed until you can travel 8 km per day in an hour. Take the opportunity to shape your figure as if you were going to the gym. After the 5-minute warm-up that all walking requires, walk briskly for 15 minutes and stop for another 5 minutes to stretch for the hour.

This way, you will burn more fat and put more muscles into operation, shaping your figure.

3. In the Afternoon walks

It is recommended that an hour and a half after eating, you start walking. And it is that walking at this time of day is one of the best antidotes to combat some of the typical “evils” that affect many women: You end up with the urge to snack in the afternoon.

Snack time (between 4 and 5 o’clock) is tempting for many because they are awakened by a voracious hunger and end up biting too fatty and caloric foods. If you go for a walk, you will not only get away from the pantry or the refrigerator, but you will help regulate your appetite.

And is that when you exercise increases the production of serotonin (suppresses appetite when it reaches a particular concentration in the brain) and norepinephrine, another hormone that, in addition to increasing the metabolic rate, inhibits hunger.

Reduces abdominal bloating and shows off a flat stomach. Women who accumulate gas or have difficulty digestion even if they do not eat much tend to feel more uncomfortable as the day progresses.

In these cases, a walk in the middle of the afternoon acts as a stomach massage that helps to expel gas and accelerate slow digestions.

Strengthen the Muscles

You strengthen the muscles and combat sagging. It is proven that between 4 and 6 in the afternoon, testosterone levels are at maximum, and this hormone is precisely the one that favors the formation of muscle mass. So if you exercise at this time, you fight sagging more effectively.

You prevent diabetes and avoid heart ailments. According to a study by the Heart and Diabetes Institute of Melbourne (Australia), the time of day when it hurts the most to spend a long time without moving is after eating because glucose levels rise the most.

Research has shown that walking reduces these levels by up to 30% and therefore prevents type 2 diabetes.

4. At Night walks

If you find it impossible to find a space to exercise throughout the day, this may be the ideal time for it. It has many advantages: You do not require to be trained or in excellent form. At this time of day, gentle walks are convenient.

Intense walks are not recommended because they would “activate you too much,” They would not let you get a good night’s rest. That is why this form of exercise is ideal if you have not practiced any sport for a long time or have arthritis or arthritis because it does not overload the joints.

But heat the rigor for 5 minutes and, when you have been walking for a while, you should travel about 5 km in an hour.

Stress, Depression, and Cravings

You chase away stress, depression, and cravings for a sweet snack. That exercise generates endorphins, the hormones of happiness, and that this helps you disconnect, relieve tension, and fight stress is a fact. It is effortless for you to fall asleep if you are relaxed, and sleep well is also evident.

But it is also that researchers at the University of Exeter (Great Britain) have discovered that these endorphins produce the same pleasure that you feel when you eat something lovely. You regulate (forever and without the help of laxatives) intestinal transit.

The vast majority of constipation cases would be solved if you walked every day for half an hour. This exercise makes food stay in the stomach for less time, thus helping correct intestinal emptying. A good walk after dinner can be the key to going to the bathroom on time the next day after breakfast.

Look for good company. Convince a friend to be encouraged to walk with you. Your goal is to exercise, but it is also to relieve tension, and a chat will help you disconnect and fight stress while you walk. And don’t forget to wear a jacket with a reflective band.

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